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10 questions with historical fiction author: Stephanie Carroll

Stephanie Carroll is the author of "A White Room".
Stephanie Carroll is the author of "A White Room".
Courtesy of Stephanie Carroll

Stephanie Carroll, author of "A White Room" answers 10 questions about her favorite time period in history, her favorite figures from history, and the age old question of coffee or tea.

1. If you could go back in time and be any figure from history, who would it be?

I’ve always thought it would be awesome to either be a historical author like Emily Bronte ("Wuthering Heights") or Francis Hodgsen Burnett ("Secret Garden") because I would get to write and live on the moors, but then again, I’ve always thought it would be awesome to be a queen (what girl hasn’t) and what other queen would anyone chose than Queen Victoria – Queen of the Victorian Age!

2. What year in history would you have liked to live in?

1890. I think I know enough about this year to survive

3. You're having a dinner party and you can invite 5 people from history, who would they be?

  • Queen Victoria – She’d be all fancy and show us which fork to use.
  • Anne Boleyn – You know she’d bring a little intrigue to the conversation.
  • Teddy Roosevelt – He’d bring me a Teddy Bear.
  • Adam and Eve (I’m counting them as one because of the whole rib thing.) – I’d want them there so we could all be like, dude you guys, what happened?
  • Jesus of Nazareth – You can’t have a magical dinner with anyone in history without inviting Jesus Christ! To be honest he’s kind of an important guy to me. Plus, he’ll bring the wine.

What would we eat? … Sushi! Just to see the looks on their faces!

4. What castle from the past or present would you like to live in?

One on the Irish or English Moors. I love, love the moors! I plan on vacationing there – that’s when I’ll learn the names of the castles on the moors!

5. Two fellow historical fiction authors you'd like to go on a history themed tour of the world with?

Kate Morton, author of "The Forgotten Garden" and Megan Chance, author of "An Inconvenient Wife".

6. Who was more dashing and interesting, King Henry VIII of England or King Louis XIV of France?

Trick question. The answer is Brad Pitt playing King Louis XIV, and I want him to play Louis because he was nicer.

7. Which of the six wives of King Henry VIII is your favorite?

The one that survived.

8. English monarchy or French monarchy?

I specialize in the Victorian time period in America, so I don’t know much about the monarchies, but I know it would depend on the time period and the monarchy. I’d probably say English. . . maybe? Not during the reign of King Henry VIII though, or the Tudors in general. No way!

9. What three novels could you read over and over?

  • "Time Traveler’s Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger
  • "White Oleander" by Janet Fitch
  • "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer

I know it’s weird that none of those are historicals, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have favorite historicals. These are just the three novels I find myself reading over and over. There are things the authors accomplish that boggles my mind and impresses me like no other. They just feel like home.

10. Tea or coffee when writing?

Coffee while writing, tea with reading. Tazo has this rose petal tea that is just amazing!

Stephanie Carroll's official website:

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