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The Latest

  • Xbox live
    Microsoft Points finally being replaced with real currency
    Microsoft made the announcement a while back that they were ditching Microsoft Points on all their device platforms and would start using real world currency. A newsletter sent out to Xbox Live members suggests the transition could be coming soon....
  • Windows Phone Radio
    Windows 8 to support FM Radio
    Remember the old days (just a few years ago) when FM radio transmitters were one of the more highly touted features on cell phones? With mobile music streaming services such as Grooveshark (which has a beautiful html5 site that can be used on...
  • Zune
    The Zune is no more: Microsoft pulls the plug and discontinues its production
    A hard road to travel— Those who visit the Target stores just outside of San Francisco or Best Buy stores around The City are well familiar with the Apple iPod displays with Microsoft’s Zune closely in tow. But while people look at...
  • Zune players
    A music service deal-steal: Microsoft's Zune Pass drops to $9.99 a month
    Dancing in the aisles-- For anyone who uses on-demand steaming music services in San Francisco, Microsoft just made everyone a sweet deal by dropping its music service from $14.99 a month to just under ten bucks at $9.99 starting on October 3 in...
  • Out With The Old, In With The NEW
    Out With The Old, In With The NEW
    Another one bites the dust... or something like that. Over the weekend, Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, quietly axed its music player, the Zune. The Zune was intended to launch a crushing salvo at the ubiquitous Apple iPod....
  • Zune HD
    Zune is dead, iPod wins
    Bloombergis reporting that Microsoft is stopping all hardware development on the Zune and will instead focus on the software. Microsoft is said to be refocusing the Zune software onto their Windows Phone 7 instead.Steve Ballmer introduced the...
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