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  • The "ghost in the DVR" HAL9000?
    The Verizon DVR that needs you and your needs
    One Minute News (December 4, 2012) and MacKinley tell us of a DVR that will have a HAL-like presence around you. (We were just writing about artificial minds and intelligence just the other day!) Verizon is patenting a DVR that watches you while...
  • Hierarchy of an Athlete
    With less time to work out, dieting is the next step!
    With summer ending and people going back to work or school, you have to consider how you'll keep up your fitness regime with a busier schedule. Rather than stressing out about how to fit your work outs into your already busy days, consider a...
  • SegaZone
    Sega Testing Waters for New Console?
    Sega may not have the best track record when it comes to the success of any console they have released. This could be said about some of the many games that have been released from Sega as well. But could it be time for Sega to come back to making...
  • Clippers get in the zone defensively against Raptors
    Clippers get in the zone defensively against Raptors
    LOS ANGELES—During the Clippers’ 94-90 victory against the Toronto Raptors on Saturday night, Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro decided to get territorial with the team defense, particularly in the final quarter, and implement the zone....
  • CZW's "A Tangled Web 3" comes to The Arena in Philly on August 14th!
    Combat Zone Wrestling returns to Philly with "A Tangled Web 3"
    The very unique brand of pro wrestling that only CZW, Combat Zone Wresting, can bring is returning to the City of Brotherly Love August 14th at the legendary venue known by fans worldwide as simply "The Arena"! Already announced for...
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