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  • Zebras
    Scientists discover why zebras have stripes
    The age old question “Why do zebras have stripes?” has finally been answered. After years of studying zebras and their stripes, the answer has been found. According to an April 2 report by the Washington Post, scientists have finally...
  • Quagga zebra, now extinct
    Why are DNA scientists trying to revive an extinct species of zebra?
    Of the Plains species of zebra, there are six subspecies, including Quagga, which is now extinct. As a matter of information, the other five are: Burchell's zebra, Grant's zebra, Selous' zebra, Chapman's zebra, and Crawshay's...
  • Zebras are beautiful and unusual looking creatures that are protected by many wildlife conservation organizations. In this photo, a zebra eyes a photographer at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.
    Animal spotlight: Zebra
    Zebras are among the most recognizable creatures on the planet. They have a distinctive black and white striped pattern on their body that makes them stand out from other animals. Zebra print has even become a fashion craze amongst human females...
  • Zebras on the loose in New Mexico
    Zebras on the loose in New Mexico
    That's right. There is a whole herd of zebras running around on a field in the north part of Albuquerque. You can tell they are zebras by the stripes. There are male and female zebras and all appear to be adults. At least I didn't see any...
  • South African Safari
    South African Safari - Better than the Albuquerque Zoo!
    Do you dream of escaping Albuquerque for a more exotic locale now that the heat of summer and the smoke of the wildfires is bearing down on you? Do you have a special place in mind? May I suggest . . .South Africa - a beautiful place filled with...
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