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  • Exercising
    Yawning during exercise routines
    Have you ever noticed that you yawn when you exercise; it might be a once in awhile thing or maybe you yawn all the way through exercise program. Well if you do yawn you are not alone, there are others just like you. However, why are you yawning...
  • Yawning
    Yawning may cool down the brain
    Children often ask their parents why they yawn and most parents are at a loss to give answers other than because they are tired. Even the scientists have been asking that question for centuries and still don’t know all the answers.Let&rsquo...
  • Why babies yawn in the womb
    Why babies yawn in the womb
    “When you see a fetus yawning in the womb, it’s not because it’s tired or bored,” noted Nadja Reissland, a developmental psychologist at Durham University. Instead, she surmised that “yawning might be a way of getting...
  • Yawn together, stay together
    Yawn together, stay together
    When one person yawns, another person may respond by also yawning. This has been found to be especially contagious between people who have a caring relationship.Science Daily reported that what is called “yawn transmission” is more...
  • Y is for yawning:  The ABCs of health
    Y is for yawning: The ABCs of health
    What is a yawn? Why do we yawn? Is yawning beneficial to the body? Are there hidden dangers in yawning? These questions, as well as other interesting tidbits of information, will be answered and explored in this continuing series of articles on...
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