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  • Top Olympia Rappers 2015 | Xperience (XP)
    Top Olympia Rappers 2015 | Xperience (XP)
    Top Olympia Rappers 2015 - Xperience (XP) | by SIC ILLXperience (also known as XP [ex-pea]) is a rapper from Olympia, Washington by way of Gary, Indiana/East Chicago. He is also part of the northwest super group "Oldominion" along with...
  • R.I.P. XP
    Windows XP is on it's Deathbed
    We are nearing the end of another era in the Microsoft world – Windows XP. This was arguably one of the most popular operating systems Windows has ever produced. April 8, 2014 is the grand finale for Microsoft to support XP. Here are my...
  • Flesh Stick
    Borderlands 2 and farming xp, weapons, and other loot
    Farming is a simple and easy tool to getting some much desired loot in Borderlands 2.Farming is the defeating an enemy several times toreceivethe rewards in a consequent manner. For example,defeatingthe final boss several times in order to get a...
  • David Vonderhaar has always been open to the community, and this time it is no different.
    'Call of Duty: Black Ops 2' multiplayer 'token's and XP' explained
    Activision’s “Call of Duty” is one of the best selling franchises in video game industry history. It comes as no surprise that any bit of information regarding the latest installment of the series is considered “big news....
  • Hanger 18
    Call of Duty XP reveals Modern Warfare 3 details, Elite pricing, lots of fun.
    Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of hardcore gamers heard the "call of duty" and converged on Playa Vista Studios in Los Angeles, CA for the first annual Call of Duty XP event. Fans from all over the world (including those from Japan,...
  • Call Of Duty XP 2011
    Call Of Duty XP 2011 by the numbers: What you got for $150.
    Now that Call Of Duty XP 2011 is all wrapped up and you’ve got your gaming news, it’s time to take a good look at the experience that Activision provided to its fans for $150.Let’s begin with the “swag bag” given to...
  • Call of Duty XP 2011
    Call of Duty XP convention
    The natural progression of entertainment is such that when something gets so big and so iconic, it gets a day of celebration. Apparently, Activision believes it's Call of Duty franchise is big enough for a two day convention. I guess E3 just...
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