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  • A sequel that does not act like a sequel
    A Taylor sequel that seems to lack everything
    Oh, Taylor… As one reads through G.P. Taylor’s works, one must prepare for a rollercoaster of a ride. Not the emotional ride some writers put readers through, but rather a ride where the reader cannot figure out if Taylor’s...
  • Post apocalyptic story for children is intriguing, but still doesn't quite meet expectations
    A Taylor story with a plot, but still lacking something
    If one is reading British writer G.P. Taylor’s stories in chronological order, the next book after his overly-religious Shadowmancer is Wormwood. Oh, no! What clichés will this new book have in store? Surprisingly enough, Wormwood proves to...
  • Artemisia
    Artemisia, the 2014 Herb of the Year
    The herb of the year is Artemisia, which isn’t just one herb but a whole range of species. Artemisia’s grow around the world and are native to many different countries. You may know an Artemisia by the name of Sweet Annie, Mugwort,...
  • Gigantic blast at Venezuela's largest oil refinery sets off raging fire
    Pole Shift warning: Expect a lot more refinery and gas line explosions
    For many years, the Zetas of ZetaTalk have warned of massive explosions and fires in oil and gas refineries and gas distribution lines, as rigid piping cracks or when the ground moves due to pressure from Planet X (Nibiru).Be sure to Subscribe and...
  • "The Screwtape Letters" passes through "The Plaza Live Orlando"
    "The Screwtape Letters" passes through "The Plaza Live Orlando"
    The classic book "The Screwtape Letters" written by C.S. Lewis has been adapted for the stage many times over. Due to it's critcally accalaimed success, it is making yet another run, and those of us in Orlando are lucky enough to be...
  • The Hopi Survival Kit
    Hopi Indian prophecy and the end of this Age
    The Hopi Indians, native to northeast Arizona, have many predictions about the end of this Age and the world as we know it. They believe the present age is ending and the beginning of a new Age isupon us. They do not predict certain dates, but...
  • Book of the Hopi
    Hopi prophecy and World War III
    Hopi prophecy states that World War III will be started by people who first received the light -- China, Palestine, India and Africa. They believe that theUnited States will be destroyed by "gourds of ashes".The Hopis believe World War...
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