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  • New ‘Interstellar’ trailer visually stunning
    New ‘Interstellar’ trailer visually stunning
    Step aside Madeleine L'Engle's novel “A Wrinkle in Time”, a new wormhole in popular culture is taking over. “Interstellar”, the highly anticipated film coming out this November from the “Inception” and ...
  • Wormhole UFO filmed over Ankara Turkey
    'Wormhole' UFO filmed over Turkey (Video)
    A UFO video posted to YouTube shows what looks like a giant "wormhole" like those seen in sci-fi movies hovering in the darkening skyline over Ankara, Turkey. What is it?The video, posted to the destination site Latest UFO Sightings on...
  • Magnetosphere schematic of earth's atmosphere.
    Combination of Sun and Earth MakeTime Portals
    Once again, science fiction has reared its weird head. On 6/29, Plasma Physicist Jack Scudder revealed he had found what he calls, “X-points”. Heard of wormholes? This is even better. A bona-fide existence of a short portal to the sun....
  • Time Travel
    The Possiblilty of Time Travel
    One cannot help being fascinated by the thought, concept, or possibility of time travel...For many years, people have wondered of the possibilities of traveling back to the past and into the future.Studies and research on time and time travel are...
  • Blackhole
    Time Traveling (To the Future)
    So, you want to go back in time to fix a mistake you made, maybe you want to help your father with a bully like in ‘Back to the Future’ but the real question is not how to build a time machine but how to open a portal through time...