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  • Woody needs out of Manhattan Center shelter
    Sweet ginger kitty may be 'shutting down' at high-kill NY shelter
    Update SAFE-Pulled by HVARS- Donation website: http://www.hvars.orgThis is a plea for rescue or adoption for a ginger beauty now in a high-kill New York shelter, who is showing signs of shutting down.Woody (A1033778) has been in the care of...
  • Pharrell Williams' hat sold
    Arby’s buys Pharrell’s Vivienne Westwood hat on eBay for $44,100
    Pharrell Williams’ infamous Grammys hat has been sold to the highest bidder, according to a Mar. 3, 2014report from USA Today.The R&B singer’s oversized Vivienne Westwood hat--which became an iconic, heavily discussed fashion...
  • Tangled at the Royal Theater
    Toy Story fans love Woody
    Children love meeting their favorite characters from Disney’s Pixar Films. You can meet Woody in Disneyland or in Disney’s California Adventure.Equally as fun, Woody greets guests that cross his path in Frontierland at Disneyland. He...
  • Don't let Woody's journey end in death
    Don't let Woody's journey end in death
    Westampton, NJ -Woody's had a very tough life and he's only three.His journey began at a high-kill shelter in North Carolina, from where he was rescued and brought to New Jersey. His life should have then changed for the better, but...
  • Disney on Ice
    The toys are back in town, Disney On Ice presents Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3!
    Get ready San Diego, Disney On Ice is back in town and this show features the characters from Toy Story 3. My family had the opportunity to preview the show, Disney On Ice presents Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3! on opening night at Valley...
  • Strawberry and chocolate
    Aphrodisiacs: Food and spices to get you in the mood
    Since ancient times, food and spices have been used to boost sexual drive and performance. Cleopatra’s favorite food to feed Mark Anthony when he came back from war was figs; while legend states Mark fed Cleopatra grapes to get her in the...
  • "Toy Story 3" Movie Review
    "Toy Story 3" Movie Review
    We are traveling back to childhood memories, back to the old toys that we outgrew, putting them away and ignoring them for years. Whatever happened to those good old toys of yesterday? The Mr. and Mrs. Potatoheads? The slinky, yo-yo or Barbie and...
  • 100719210657resized_Kelly_Osbourne_and_new_pet_dog.JPG
    Kelly Osbourne's dog Woody dies
    Kelly and Woody AP/M. Curtis-Twitpic/K. Osbourne “My life just could not get any worst right now I come home to find my dog woody is dead.” Tweet, Kelly Osbourne. Reality star Kelly Osbourne is going through a tough row these days. Why...
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