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  • Made to wonder
    Made to wonder
    Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Why the colors of the leaves change every season? What the purpose of a mosquito is? Why the Earth rotates the direction that it does? What is the real purpose of hiccups and why do they linger when you...
  • Twinkies will return to grocery store shelves on July 15
    Twinkies, everyone's favorite snack cake, will be back on shelves very soon
    According to the Huffington Post on June 23, Twinkes are back! Well, they soon will be, at any rate. A restructured Hostess has announced that everyone’s favorite snack cake will again grace the shelves supermarkets everywhere beginning on...
  • Kids play in the water on a flooded section of South Street in New York
    Looking at God through the eyes of innocence we can regain our child-like faith
    All of us remember being a child and how those days were so carefree. Some of uslong for those days when we had no worries, and we believed what our parents told us. Then we grow up and lose that child-like wonder. Our hearts have grown full of...
  • Wonder
    Forget everything and find wonder
    It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. - EpictetusHow many versions of this quote have you heard? Words to encourage you to open your mind. See beyond yourself. And yet, it's astonishing how difficult it can be,...
  • "Wonder" by R. J. Palacios is a rare gem of a read
    'Wonder' by R.J. Palacios is a rare gem of a read
    "Wonder" by R.J. Palacios is that unusual kind of book that begs to be read twice and even three times. Although the book is about a fifth grade boy, the book is a commentary on human nature and how we treat those who are different.The...
  • Wonder by R.J. Palacio
    The WONDERment of R.J. Palacio
    August (Auggie) is a normal 10 year old in every way, except one. He was born with severe facial anomalies, causing stares and hand-covered whispers everywhere he goes.Until now, August has been homeschooled but his parents decide that the start...
  • Jesus
    The wonder of Easter
    I had been out of town for a week. My family had not seen me and only had talked to me on the phone each night. I missed them and they missed me. I made my way home on Friday and pulled into the driveway at about five o’clock.When I entered...
  • Ripples
    The Red Balloon, Guggenheim Grotto, Under Consideration and the ripple effect
    I was visiting a small Kentucky church, and during the opening music, led by a smiling young woman with an acoustic guitar, one of the songs caught my attention in that nagging “where have I heard that before?” kind of way. Then it...
  • Michael W Smith 22nd album Wonder
    Michael W Smith releases 22nd career album Wonder today & will appear on Hannity
    Recently receiving his second Double Platinum and 7th Platinum RIAA certifications (Worship and Worship Again, respectively), industry leading recording artist Michael W. Smith releases his 22nd career project Wonder today, Sept. 28.The...
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