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  • Wartkins Glens Falls
    Finger Lakes Fun: Watkins Glen and the Windmill
    The Finger Lakes region boasts so many wonderful places to explore. A trip to Watkins Glen State Park is well worth the visit, especially during this summer when we’ve had a good amount of rain and falls abound. The park is located on the...
  • Wind Power Process
    Green Power: Residential Windmills
    Here is a riddle to consider: What is invisible to the human eye, yet powerful and plentiful in size and strength? The answer: wind power! Residents of the great state of Montana have a great opportunity and advantage in accessing wind power for...
  • Massive Propeller Under Construction
    The Industrial Windmills of Palm Springs - Part II
    Pictured left is a GE windmill propeller ultimately capable of generating 1.5 megawatts. It is 325 feet high from tip of one propeller element to the base; the footing for the base of the windmill extends 35 feet of steel reinforced concrete into...
  • Stunning architecturally designed mill keeper’s cottage
    Stunning architecturally designed mill keeper’s cottage
    Hunsett Mill is a remote water pumping mill located in the historic Norfolk Broads National Park, situated beside the river and upstream from the Sutton Broads on Chapel Field Road, Stalham, Norfolk, England. The house was a residence for the...
  • B0E_copy.jpg
    Crop Circle and the Grand Cross: 6-26-2010 (6-13 - 7-17: Astrological planetary aligment) -- video
    During this five-week period of planetary alignment, I received the following information and felt the need to pass it along:On May 22 a crop Circle appeared near the windmill of Wilton in Wiltshire, South of Englandwith an encoded message. This...