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  • Man spends $43,000 credited to his bank account by mistake
    Roswell man's $43,000 credit: Man blows through $43,000 now bank wants it back
    A bank mistakenly recorded a man’s $430 deposit as $43,000 and that windfall went unnoticed, not by the customer, but by the bank. Instead of alerting the bank to the error of their ways, the Roswell, New Mexico man quietly spent every last...
  • Windfall
    'Windfall' manages a strong breeze for its audiences
    The debate over alternative forms of energy is an important one in the world going forward but people aren’t entirely aware of the actual costs of what going green actually are. Opening tomorrow night at the Bloor for 3 screenings (Monday,...
  • Evergreen environmental Earth Day films
    Evergreen Earth Day films
    Writing about celebrating Earth Day by watching a movie seems rather ridiculous. Wasting electricity, consuming valuable resources, physically inactive, ... you probably could come up with a lot more reasons not to write this article.But, what...
  • Google Adsense
    Google's billion dollar windfall
    The Google mama didn't raise no fools.That's what I used to say about my mama whenever I hit upon a good idea and someone recognized it as so."My mama didn't raise no fools," we'd say.By some estimate there are some 70+...
  •  anti-nuclear activist
    Documentaries examine natural gas and wind energy
    How will communities, like Orlando, meet their energy needs in the future? The nuclear power industry is under scrutiny since the earthquake in Japan has uncovered safety issues. Two other energy sources are examined in documentaries being...