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  • Matt Armor
    Matt Armor Debuts New Album
    Matt Armor Debuts His New AlbumWith New Live Band at the Wildcat Lounge L. Paul MannMatt Armor, the former lead singer for Santa Barbara’s most well known psychobilly band Blazing Haley, debuted his new solo project during a live show at the...
  • Leopardus tigrinus.
    New wild cat species found in Brazil
    Eduardo Eizirik of Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, Tatiane Trigo of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, and colleagues reported the discovery of a new and unique species of wild cat in Brazil in the Nov. 27,...
  • WildCat robot by Boston Dynamics: It has eerie life-like movements.
    WildCat robot: Bizarre looking, 50 mph robot eerily gallops and roams freely
    The WildCat by DARPA is a free-roaming quadruped robot that looks eerily alive and will soon reach speeds of up to 50 mph. There’s no doubt about it if you saw this giant robotic alien-like WildCat coming at you, without knowing that it is a...
  • WildCat Robot
    Boston Dynamics' newest robot can gallop and bound like a wildcat
    For anyone scared of robots, this just might be too much. According to Discovery News on Oct. 4, Boston Dynamics has just introduced the WildCat, a robot that can jump and gallop like a horse and it's the fastest four-legged robot in the world...
  • Tim Tebow is being forced on the defensive due to some possibly inaccurate statements by unnamed "sources"
    Tim Tebow on defense, at least until he leaves New York
    For a guy who hasn't had much playing time since the season began, Tim Tebow seems to be running a never-ending defense in New York these days. According to theBleacher Report on Dec. 28, it's likely he'll have to keep it up until he...
  • Tim Tebow
    Running back status would make Tim Tebow must-own in fantasy football
    Tim Tebow is listed on the Jets depth chart as the backup quarterback. But we know now from Coach Rex Ryan’s own mouth that the Jets are planning on using the Wildcat and that that the 6-3, 236-pound Tebow will be a part of it. Now just how...
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