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  • Whale
    Animal Groups to Campaign Against Alaska
    The International Whaling Commission (IWC) imposed a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1986. However, the IWC has a longstanding policy of allowing certain indigenous peoples in Alaska to hunt otherwise protected whales to satisfy aboriginal...
  • Whaling ended
    Japan's scientific whaling ruled a scam
    The UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) today, March 31, 2014, ruled that Japan’s meager scientific output about whales did not justify the killing of 850 Minke Whales. The ruling should end Japan’s so-called scientific whaling,...
  • Humpback whale
    Humpback whale recovery status
    The Humpback whale is still considered ESA Endangered throughout its range, yet The North Pacific Population is under review for delisting.BackgroundIn 1946, after decades of unregulated whaling, the International Convention for the Regulation of...
  • The Rathbones
    'The Rathbones' by Janice Clark
    If Tim Burton collaborated with Charles Addams to rewrite and combine The Odyssey and Moby-Dick, you would get ‘The Rathbones’. Janice Clark’s singular debut, a gothic adventure novel set in New England, is one of the most...
  • The battle over Japan's controversial whaling program was moved from the high seas to the United Nations' highest court yesterday.
    Australia takes Japan to court over 'scientific whaling'
    The battle over Japan's controversial whaling program was moved from the high seas to the United Nations' highest court.Australia opened its case against Japan at the International Court of Justice, arguing that Japan's annual hunt...
  • Iceland killed a total of 11 endangered fin whales the first week of the season.
    Icelandic fin whale slaughter reaches 11 in one week
    Iceland killed a total of 11 endangered fin whales the first week of the season reported the Icelandic review on June 25.Four fin whales were killed and processed at the Hvalstöðin whale station in Hvalfjörður, West Iceland, on Sunday.The fin...
  • Iceland kills first endangered whale of season
    Iceland kills first endangered fin whale of season
    Icelandic media confirmed that the Icelandic whaling company Hvalur hf killed an endangered fin whale Monday in defiance of the international ban on commercial whaling reported News of Iceland on June 18.The whale was killed 150 nautical miles off...
  • Iceland to resumes fin whale hunt
    Iceland resumes fin whale hunt
    Iceland has restarted its disputed commercial fin whale hunt, with two vessels in route to catch this season's share of at least 154 whales, The Guardian reported on June 18.An international website that tracks vessels showed two Icelandic...
  • Dutch port blocks transit of Icelandic whale meat
    Dutch ports prohibit transit of whale meat from Iceland
    Sharon Dijksma, Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs announcedthat the Netherlands has committed to prevent the transit of fin whale meat from Iceland through Dutch ports.The announcement came in response toan online petitionby
  • Japan's Spring whaling at a record low
    Japan Spring whaling at a record low
    Japanese whalers caught a record low 34 Minke whales in the northwestern Pacific this spring.The whaling, conducted in the name of “scientific research” took place from April 18 to June 3 and netted 17 male and 17 female Minke whales....
  • Scott West, a member of Sea Shepherd United States, speaks to reporters.
    Activists allege violence and poaching in a war over Antarctic whaling
    The marine conservation organization known as Sea Shepard United States (SSUS) says it’s facing dangerous opposition in the waters of Antarctica. During a news conference in Washington, D.C. that detailed a legal fight with Asian whalers,...
  • International effort begins to ask South Korea to say “no” to whaling
    International effort begins to ask South Korea to say “no” to whaling
    Today Greenpeace International has begun a campaign to attempt to dissuade South Korea from establishing a new whaling program. On Dec. 3, the South Korean government will consider a proposal to establish a scientific whaling program. If they do,...
  • Greenpeace accuses Japan of bribery
    Bribery may thwart international whale sanctuary
    Today Greenpeace USA began an email fundraising drive to counter Japanese bribery within the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Specifically, they accuse Japan of bribing small countries to vote against the interests of the whales and against...
  • MY Steve Irwin
    Airborne drones become the latest anti-whaling weapon
    It's hardly the place you'd expect to see drone aircraft being used, far away from the Middle East, but you will find them there: the Antarctic. Anti-whaling groups are using drones to track the movements of Japan's annual whale hunt...
  • Whaling
    Whaling, phishing for bigger fish
    We've all heard of phishing by now and how it involves tricking people into giving up their login information, but there's a new form of phishing out there called Whaling, and you need to know about it.The criminal art of phishing has been...
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