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  • Samaritan woman at the well
    Pastor preaches about 'Divine Visitation in Our Loneliness'
    On Sunday, April 6, Rev. Lois Blakey-Paige, pastor of New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia preached about "Divine Visitation in Our Loneliness" based on the story of the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4.From the narrative...
  •  Well by A Yawn Worth Yelling
    A Yawn Worth Yelling Summer
    You say you want more A Yawn Worth Yelling. You say you want more “Pioneers.” You can’t wait to find out what’s next for the San Jose 5-piece. Well, AYWY has heard your call; thusly, answering with not only a video, but a...
  • Make it last
    Make it last
    Everyone wants to improve something in their lives. For some its debt, economical or spiritual, but for most people it’s romantic. For those who do not have a companion, they want to improve their relationship skills in order to make...
  • The Ring (Gore Verbinski, 2002)
    Retro film critique: 'The Ring' [contains spoilers]
    Director: Gore Verbinski.PG-13.The Ring is great horror, due much to chilling recurring images which invade the inner depths of the psyche. Scary, gripping, heartrending and unforgettable, this American remake of Hideo Nakata’s 1998 Japanese...
  • Panndora’s ‘Well,’ Stages’ ‘Revenge’
    Lisa Kron’s ‘Well,’ David Macaray’s ‘Revenge’
    Playwrights seldom take the stage as characters in their own plays, yet they do just that in two shows that opened this weekend. Panndora Productions’ revival of Lisa Kron’s “Well,” a seriocomic autobiographical piece which...
  • Baby Jessica
    Chilean Miner rescue brings on memories of Jessica McClure - video
    The Chilean miner rescue brought back memories of Baby Jessica. About 23 years ago, baby Jessica fell into a well. It seemed just about everyone in America was sitting anxiously in front of their TV sets praying and hoping Jessica would be saved...
  • Gas well
    Use of harmful chemicals in Harrisburg, PA drilling has people concerned
    The state has recently given a list of 80 potentially dangerous chemicals to the public in Pennsylvania that is used to drill natural gas out of the ground. Residents fear that the chemicals could contaminate their water supply. The chemicals...
  • Buckeye Community Health Plan Ohio
    Columbus health care company receives national quality award
    Buckeye Community Health Plan (Buckeye) has achieved Commendable Health Plan Accreditation Status from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Buckeye has its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene...
  • State loans flowers to display in state buildings
    NY state so strapped for cash they're loaning plants from prisons
    ALBANY- The well of the Legislative Office Building in Albany is often a venue for receptions held by state lawmakers. However because times are tough and spending is unpopular the state has begun turning to borrowing to save money. The borrowing...
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