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  • The Tomboy
    Beware, Raising an "Only Child" May Cause Embarrassment
    I wore my tomboyish-ness as a badge of pride. I still wear it as such. So nothing stirs more emotion in me than the fact that I have a girly girl. Sure, like any woman stroking her inner child, I dreamed of a little girl that I could dress up in...
  • John F. Kennedy
    What Were You Doing And Feeling On That Day?
    There are certain points in time when everyone recalls exactly where they were and what they were doing. One of those points in time, for those who have the memory of the experience, was fifty years ago when President John F. Kennedy was shot on...
  • Excuses for failing to obey, won't save you
    Excuses for failing to obey, won't save you
    Jesus Christ warned those of his church who were in Laodicea for their lack of enthusiasm in his work. read here the rather harsh language he used as a warning to them:"And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things...
  •  Strong- Weaker
    He's Strong - It's Okay if I'm Weak
    Nothing shows signs of maturity more than the ability to accept another despite their weaknesses although it may be your strength. For in some area or another, something you struggle with may be someone else's strongest point. Either way, I...
  • Discover your strengths
    Develop Strengths over fixing weaknesses (part 1)
    When a personal weakness gets us in trouble in our relationship; we need to do damage control. However, damage control is not enough to keep people together. We need to keep developing our strengths. Since, love recognizes strengths. Love only...
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