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  • #WaldoTraveler in front of Excalibur Las Vegas
    NYE 2015 Las Vegas: Parties Like Rock Stars With Snow and Focal Points
    Las Vegas is well known as the entertainment capital of the world not solely for what is offered in the clubs and casinos but raw talent found on the streets. Where better to find raw talent as a talent scout than the streets of Las Vegas. Just...
  • Florida town votes to disband police department
    Who needs cops? Fla. 'speed trap' town votes to scrap police department
    Florida has a speed trap problem; that's for sure. But one tiny town fed up with the corruption and harassment, decided to end the traffic trap practices, which included an illegal ticket-writing quota system. Wednesday, Waldo City Council...
  • Waldo Covered Bridge
    Waldo Has A "Golden" History
    During the early 1800s several mines operated near Waldo on 1,180 acres. Gold Log Mine was the largest and consisted of a water-powered mill which turned a generator and a jaw crusher, ten 750-pound stamps, two 60-ft. amalgamation plates, blanket...
  • His days are numbered: Where is Waldo's new family?
    His days are numbered: Where is Waldo's new family?
    From time to time a dog sits in a shelter for months on end and it is a complete mystery as to why. The dog seems to have everything going for it. It loves people, is playful, good natured, knows some commands, enjoys rides in the car, seems to do...
  • 3D Waldo Is Here!
    Where's Waldo More Info On What Is To Come
    3D WaldoYou have seen him in books, games and cartoons but will you see him in 3D?The answer is yes, Wally is soon to be animated by Marvimation.If you are a fan and have experience in using 3D software you may even get a chanceto use our rig...
  • Joint Base Charleston plans 21 gun salute for Waldo, military working dog
    Joint Base Charleston plans 21 gun salute for Waldo, military working dog
    Waldo was his name and sniffing out narcotics was his game. Sadly, on Wednesday, Waldo, an 11- year-old, black German shepherd, will be given a hero’s send-off, including a 21 gun salute, at Joint Base Charleston.Assigned to the 628th...
  • Freebook
    Waldo And The Great Invention
    Waldo had been on Facebook for many years. As a celebrity he didn't get to interact with his, friends and fans all that much in person, so Facebook was the perfect place for him to do so. Over the years he had journeyed to most countries...
  • That's no bull
    That's no bull
    Wednesday night, Waldo the bull was caught.I know some of you may be a little upset considering Waldo has become something of a pop-culture hero evading capture for the last five months. But here is a really huge surprise. Waldo is no bull!Thought...
  • A bull among deer
    A bull among deer
    Do you know where Waldo is?If you answered no, then all you have to do is ask the local deer population.Waldo is a black angus bull that escaped this past July from his farm located on the West Haven/Orange town line. Since then, he has become...
  • The Well Logo
    Hopfest Hangover Party
    If you were unable to attend the Hopfest that was held a couple of weeks ago or if you did and can’t get enough of all of the awesome beers that were there, you are in luck. The Well in Waldo is holding a Hopfest Hangover Party on Monday...
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