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  • Night visions in art
    Night visions, art world style
    When Van Gogh famously wondered if the silent hours of the night were more alive than any in the daytime, you’d think he was looking at Bowdoin College Museum show “Night Visions: Nocturnes in American Art 1860-1960.”Exhibit...
    Watch on the Swine
    It's a dark and stormy night, and successful upper-middle-class commercial artist Cheryl Draper can't sleep. After staring out her lightning-framed window, she really can't sleep, for across the way her neighbor, Albert Richter, is...
  •  Golfers’ voyeurism arrest: Two top college golfers suspended indefinitely from competing
    Golfers’ voyeurism arrest: Team suspends golfers after sexual voyeurism pics
    Two top golfers slated to play the New Haven, Connecticut, regional next week have been suspended indefinitely from the team following an arrest for voyeurism. The University of Arkansas golfers, Taylor Moore and Nicolas Echavarria, have admitted...
  • Sean Moses
    Man secretly videotaped women in dressing rooms at King of Prussia Mall
    On Monday, police arrested a Penn Valley man for videotaping unsuspecting women who were in mid-undressed while using dressing rooms at stores in the King of Prussia Mall. Radnor police made the arrest of Sean Moses, 37, at the Penn Valley home...
  • Peeping tom enters home to watch women having sex
    Peeping tom enters house to watch women having sex
    Police officers in New Mexico are searching for a voyeur who watched two women having sex.On Wednesday morning, the two young women were having sex in their Santa Fe residence when they were overheard by a peeping Tom, who apparently thought it...
  • Original artwork 'Peeping Tom.'
    Top 10 horror voyeurs
    [WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS ABOUT SOME OF THE FILMS DISCUSSED.]As the viewer sees what the camera sees, watching film inevitably engenders voyeurism and identification with the films’ protagonists, who remain, even today,...
  • Massachusetts photo bill upskirt
    Massachusetts photo bill: Mass, outlaws ‘upskirt’ pics after court ruled ok
    Massachusettes’ photo bill was quickly passed today, only two days after the state Supreme Court ruled that “upskirting” – the perverted practice of photographing up women’s skirts – was legal, as the video...
  • Jeanne Ouelette was at Kohl's trying on bras when she saw a man recording video of her under the dressing room door with his smartphone.
    Topless woman chases peeping Tom through Kohl's
    A woman running through a Kohl’s store topless was so mortified from something she had just witnessed that she forgot that she naked from the waist up while giving chase. This woman was trying on bras in a Kohl’s dressing room when she...
  •  Miss Teen USA sextorted due to webcam hacking: Can it happen to you?
    Miss Teen USA sextorted due to webcam hacking: Can it happen to you?
    On Sept. 27, a 19-year-old man was charged with hacking webcams of dozens of women and sextorting them by threatening to expose nude photos and videos he either took or forced the women to take by extorting them.Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf was one...
  • Animal Instincts
    Examining the men who allow their female companions to enjoy sex with other men
    Men, usually more so than women, frequently tend to be stereotyped as "egotistical," "macho," and "territorial," particularly when it comes to their relationships with their female sex partners (i.e., wife, fiancée,...
  • Love in an Elevator
    Ask Michael Q&A: Voyeurism, will I ever experience Love in an Elevator?
    Hi Michael,I read your column all the time, and love the responses you give people! Here is my question…I love getting naughty in public, the thrill of almost getting caught, but my husband doesn’t. We were in an elevator the other...
  • Connecticut restaurant owner arrested for video taping women in the ladies room/
    Connecticut restaurant owner arrested for video taping women in bathroom
    A Hamden Connecticut restaurant owner is facing charges of voyeurism after a female patron found a camera in the ladies room, according to WFSB News Channel 3 Hartford. The owner of the Terrace Restaurant is charged with secretly video taping the...
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