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  • How to Be a YouTube Vlogger
    How to Be a YouTube Vlogger
    These days, people are more and more engaged to watching videos online than reading text. This may have something to do with the fact that cost of using the internet is becoming more and more affordable to date. Besides, videos also say way more...
  • Beauty blogging with GoPro
    Beauty blogging with GoPro
    Are you a blogger? Do you find it advantageous to stay ahead of the times in terms of content and new media to bring your readers? Better yet, are you considering vlogging on channels like YouTube? When mulling over new endeavors to entertain your...
  • Video Blogging Benefits
    The 7 benefits of video blogging
    A Video Blog, also known as a “vlog” is a clever way to increase brand awareness, gain a greater following and most importantly, generate additional business. If vlogging is not yet a part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s...
  • Vine micro-vlogging
    Micro-vlogging growing, with a ways to go for business world
    Micro-vlogging, as in Instagram and Vine, have become a rage with individuals who love their devices. Vine, owned by Twitter has been around awhile, especially in terms of internet time, and Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a bit newer.These easy...
  • Writers can video blog, too
    Video blogging for writers
    Video blogging can be really helpful for writers, as strange as this might seem. And the perk of being a video blogging writer in Long Beach is that you have plenty of beautiful and interesting back drops for your videos. To help drive traffic to...
  • All WordPress themes are not created equal
    All WordPress themes are not created equal
    Some of you have been there.Some of you are there right now.You decide you're ready to start blogging.You decide on which topic(s) you wish you write or what content your blog will contain.You set up an account on, or you...
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