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  • Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett
    What public speakers can learn from Lady Gaga
    Love her or not, you have to admit that Lady Gaga is brilliant at marketing her brand. She's clear, bold and knows her audience. Something that Long Beach speakers can learn and apply to their own businesses.Cultivating fame and visibilityLady...
  • Lake effect snows target parts of New York State
    Lake effect snows target parts of New York State
    As the Nation’s most recent snowstorm continues to move northward across eastern Canada, west and west-southwest winds have moved into the eastern Great Lakes region (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2). Winds blowing from this direction have the longest...
  • Vanishing vehicles
    Rain and fog cut into dry conditions in western Oklahoma
    Gadhafiis striking out—verbally-- against bin Laden, Jennifer Lopezis breaking down on American Idol—in a well scripted way of course—and you have to ask, is there any real news anymore?Yes, and as is often the case in western...
  • HID Headlamp
    The evolution off the modern auto headlamp
    In the beginning of the automotive world, when the first cars were built, headlamps were but a passing concern. The first automakers were fortunate to create a vehicle that would keep going long enough to get peoples attention, and at that time...
  • help_wanted.jpg
    Job Fair today in North Charleston for 300 openings
    Job Fair Today in North CharlestonfotosearchIt's a beautiful day with great weather to do some networking and look into 300 job openings today.The Greater Charleston Call Center Alliance said it is holding a job fair offering about 300 openings...
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