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  • Christian Trouesdale
    Teen's act of kindness towards elderly man goes viral
    A heartwarming act of kindness has taken the internet by storm today and is bringing a smile to countless faces. On April 27 in Horwich, England, 23-year old Samantha-Jayne Brady happened to see Christian Trouesdale, an 18-year-old part-time...
  • Cheryl's birthday Singapore
    Cheryl's birthday: Singapore kids given this math riddle, but can you solve it?
    Cheryl’s birthday – if you Google it right now you’ll find Singapore children – fifth graders – were given this brain-teaser, and while many of them successfully came up with the correct solution, the rest of the...
  • Weaselpecker
    WeaselPecker image goes viral on the Internet
    Twitter has gone nuts over an image of a weasel catching a ride on the back of a flying green woodpecker near London. According to a report by Today Online on March 4, photographer, Jason Ward took an image of what people are calling the weasel...
  • Round egg sold on Ebay
    Video: Spherical, round egg sells on Ebay for $741
    You may have heard that people will sell and buy anything on Ebay and it's true. People will even buy chicken eggs, but this egg at least is described as being one in a billion.This story comes from the UK and focuses hen owner Kim Broughton,...
  • Teen shovels snow
    High school senior's act of kindness goes viral (video)
    A video showing a high school senior shoveling snow for an elderly man has gone viral. The story was shared on the WTVR Facebook page. According to the WTVR site, Teresa Adams and her son were driving in the neighborhood when her son spotted the...
  • Crockpot Chronicles: Mississippi Pot Roast
    Crockpot Chronicles: Mississippi Pot Roast
    Food pics surf the net quicker than any other media reaching people of all races, creeds and lifestyles because food is the one thing that actually brings people together. Unlike religion, politics and sports, food is our ally spanning generations...
  • Aron Chupa
    AronChupa opens up about his viral hit, 'I'm An Albatraoz'
    How do you release a viral song? A question that haunts many a producers, songwriters, singers, record execs, etc… While there is no definitive answer; DJ/producer/songwriter AronChupa has a lot to say on the subject. His single “I...
  • Youtubestab
    Palestinian 'How to kill a Jew' instructional video goes viral
    With Islamic Jihadist so-called lone wolf attacks already drawing blood from London to Sydney and with sanguine stops ranging from Boston to Ottawa to Fort Hood, a how-to video has gone viral on Palestinian social media regarding killing Jews with...
  • One Direction gets some love.
    One Direction tweet: Dad’s love post about band goes viral
    One dad from Long Island got a big surprise recently as a tweet that he sent out has gone viral. What did he say that got him so much attention? He tweeted about One Direction, of course! Jerry Riekert just happened to take to his personal Twitter...
  • Real Salt Lake midfielder Luis Gil's double-nutmeg vs LA Galaxy goes viral
    Real Salt Lake midfielder Luis Gil's double-nutmeg vs LA Galaxy goes viral
    In the most unlikely of circumstances--or its starter getting ill--another player for Real Salt Lake stepped up and filled in against the LA Galaxy this past weekend. For his efforts, midfielder Luis Gil is being justly rewarded, not for just a...
  • Justin Welborn stars in the "Dante the Great" segment of "V/H/S Viral"
    ‘V/H/S Viral’ is the franchise's hat trick and treat
    With Halloween less than a week away, the new horror movie “V/H/S Viral” premiered on VOD Thursday, October 23. If you enjoyed the first two “V/H/S” thrillers, or you like your scares in the comfort of your own home, this...
  • Creepy Clown
    Real-life 'memes' that need to stop: 'creepy clown guy'
    The "creepy clown" phenomenon, wherein someone dresses up like a scary looking clown and stands around town scaring people simply by existing, started out as a viral social media trend in Northampton, England in 2013, but has now made...
  • Carrie Underwood
    Atheists don't care about Carrie Underwood or her music
    Conservative "news" reports have been circulating over social media recently, making claim that atheists are angered by Carrie Underwood's song "Something in the Water," and they've caused a bit of a viral stir. Even...
  • New social media website Ello is ad free, invite only, and is going viral
    Ello social media site an alternative for Facebook and is ad free
    According to on Thursday,one of many social networking venues, Ello, is pitching itself as the next best thing as a social media site. It's gone viral and even better, it likely a decent alternative to Facebook due to the fact it's...
  • Funny Flight Attendants make my day
    Funny Flight Attendants make my day
    Have you ever been on an airplane and wished you could've recorded your light attendant's funny rant? Well, someone did! And here's a list of the top 3 funniest flight attendant videos:
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