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  • Aircraft viewing areas for ABQ aviation lovers
    Aircraft viewing areas for ABQ aviation lovers
    To the child who has a fascination for airplanes or the young at heart who are still fascinated by everything aviation, there are aircraft viewing areas for you to enjoy. Many use these areas as a place to merely observe airplanes to having a...
  • Hybrid eclipse will start the day along the US east coast
    Partial solar eclipse at Sunrise on Sunday November 3rd
    A rare treat will greet most along the east coast of the US. A partial eclipse will be visible at sunrise, for about 30 minutes and the weather should cooperate. How rare is it? The last partial eclipse seen in the eastern US was 13 years ago, on...
  • Tracking ISS over the Mid Atlantic
    ISS best flyover this evening: Map, video, trivia, and tracking apps
    The International Space Station is in the middle of multiple passes over the Mid Atlantic. Tonight (October 28, 2013) will be one of the best viewing chances for our region since it will pass almost directly overhead. The high clouds this...
  • Hunter's Moon
    The 'Hunter's Moon' and an eclipse can be viewed tonight
    On Friday the Weather Channel was encouraging viewers to take a look at the night sky tonight, not just to view the "Hunter's Moon," but to get a chance to see the last eclipse of 2013.The Hunter's Moon follows the "Harvest...
  • Solar Eclipse
    Protect your eyes if viewing the eclipse on Sunday May 20
    Protect your eyes, make plans to safely view the solar eclipse this Sunday at Brookhaven College in Dallas.On Sunday, May 20th, North Texas will see the first part of the solar eclipse. In a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the earth and the...
  • China Airlines lantern
    Rose Parade 101: Viewing the 2012 parade floats close up
    The Tournament of Roses and the float builders provide opportunities to see floats close up both before and after the 2012 Rose Parade. The detail that goes into bringing these mammoth creations to life using flowers, seeds, bark, and other...