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  • David DiMuzio
    David DiMuzio's lesser-known YouTube videos
    One of the perks of writing for a site such as this is being able to cyberstalk someone in the name of research. Not cyberstalking in the sense of the crime, but cyberstalking in the sense of trying to find as much information as possible about...
  • battle flag
    Twitter campaign encourages supporters to steal Confederate flags, post videos
    A Twitter campaign known as the "#NoFlaggingChallenge" is encouraging supporters to take videos of themselves ripping down Confederate battle flags they might spot on private property, BizPac Review reported Monday. The videos are then...
  • Ozzy Osbourne screaming to the audience
    Hard Rock's biggest scandals
    Rockstars are notorious for being loud, obnoxious, foul-mouthed bad boys, but some have taken it to an extreme. What follows is a list of the five most infamous scandals in Hard Rock history.
  • Kitten care according to Maddie’s Institute
    Kitten care according to Maddie’s Institute
    Maddie’s Institute®(MI), located at 6150 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 125, in Pleasanton, California, is continually offering various free webcasts that give individuals in the animal world an opportunity to advance and to help even more...
  • The Beatles
    New 'Let It Be' videos, others pop up suddenly on Beatles YouTube channel
    Over a dozen assorted new superb quality videos by The Beatles, including several from the movie “Let It Be” which has yet to appear on DVD, plus “Help!” and other projects, popped up suddenly on the Beatles' official...
  • Build your prepper knowledge and skills with instructional classes
    Build your prepper knowledge and skills with instructional classes
    With regard to acquiring prepper skills and knowledge, beginning preppers are on the steep slope of their learning curves. Lucky prepper beginners will be able to learn much from more experienced, fellow preppers. Even then, much more learning is...
  • Round egg sold on Ebay
    Video: Spherical, round egg sells on Ebay for $741
    You may have heard that people will sell and buy anything on Ebay and it's true. People will even buy chicken eggs, but this egg at least is described as being one in a billion.This story comes from the UK and focuses hen owner Kim Broughton,...
  • Many has Seizure while Skydiving
    Video: Man has seizure while skydiving
    If skydiving wasn't scary enough, how about skydiving while losing consciousness and suffering a seizure? That's exactly what happened to YouTube user Nomadic Adventures. According to his video post on the social media site, he was...
  • Alien like snow angel
    Alien-like snow angel leaves Youtube user, others stunned (video)
    An alien-like, snow angel has gone viral as many are asking what could have left the feathery imprint in the wintry snow. YouTube user Jordan Randomness makes a habit of sharing videos that are, you guessed it, random. His video collection...
  • Teen shovels snow
    High school senior's act of kindness goes viral (video)
    A video showing a high school senior shoveling snow for an elderly man has gone viral. The story was shared on the WTVR Facebook page. According to the WTVR site, Teresa Adams and her son were driving in the neighborhood when her son spotted the...
  • Snow and ice
    'Let it Snow': Viral videos show people dealing with record snowfall
    If you've had it with snow and cold temperatures you aren't alone. This week's viral videos show that folks all over the world have had their fair share of the compacted, white powder. While some hope for warmer weather to help...
  • Peloton Bike and App
    Peloton bike and app get you on your bike indoors
    pel·o·tonˈpeləˌtän/nounnoun: peloton; plural noun: pelotons the main field or group of cyclists in a race.Now you can be in a "peloton" right in your own home.Depending on which part of the country you reside in, it's...
  • Cottonball and Ford
    Adorable kitten, Cottonball, loves to roll and hide in a glass jar (videos)
    A video showing an adorable white kitten named Cottonball rolling inside a glass jar has gone viral. Cottonball is a rescue kitten who accidentally found the jar made a not-so-hidden hiding place from her brother, Ford. Cottonball's owner,...
  • Into the Woods
    Disney brings the Broadway production to the big screen with ‘Into the Woods’
    When it was announced that they were doing a theatrical film fo the popular musical Into the Woods the fans instantly went ballistic. Some were excited for the possibility while others were upset by the direction they seemed to be going with it....
  • Alabama A&M logo
    Alabama A&M videographers need a hand getting to the Tournament of Roses
    They’ve accepted the invitation, they’ve booked their plane tickets and ground transportation, and bought video equipment. But the 12 Alabama A&M University media students of the “Huntsville 2 Hollywood” project need...
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