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Victoria Articles - Page 2

Precarious dolls, what you can expect from them?

October 22, 2013
Precarious! What a word to describe dolls. Particularly a doll collection. Dangerously unstable, insecure, unreliable, doubtful, dubious. These are some of the definitions for precarious. But then there is "depended on circumstances beyond one's...

Chris Ho: NXNE festival interview

May 15, 2013
Chris Ho (Saturday June 15 / midnight at the Monarch Tavern)It's rare that you encounter a musician who puts thoughts and emotion into words so ably in song and in person (or via chat). That musician is Chris...

Billy's Conflict

November 3, 2012
For someone who just wants to take care of the wife he adores so much and raise his son, Johnny, it's got to be exhausting living in the Newman / Abbott world of drama. Victor and Jack'...

Daily Update for October 29th, 2012

October 26, 2012
Sharon apologizes for hugging Adam. She is having impulses. Adam offers to get her professional help. She freaks out.Cane runs into Genevieve and blows her off. Tucker sneaks up behind her, “How much rejection will...