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  • games at school
    Video games as teaching tools
    Video games are not just for children, and for the average American, electronic games can have more beneficial applications than just recreational use. In American media, it is easy to find stories that depict video games as an influential force...
  • Raspberry Pi
    3 reasons to try a tiny slice of Raspberry Pi
    By Steve Randel, Web 2.0 Guest BloggerDeveloped in 2009 by a Great Brittan non-profit, the single computer board Raspberry served as an easy to decipher learning device. Today, it’s one of the smallest and cheapest gadgets with real computer...
  • CIROC Vodka
    Versatile uses for vodka
    Southerners do enjoy their “Bloody Marys!” However, the vodka in that beverage has many other surprisingly versatile uses. Vodka, the drink known as “the life of the party,” can also be a “lifesaver” if you know...
  • Olive Oil
    10 uses for olive oil (other than cooking!)
    In my quest to find great ways to fix everyday problems without the need of expensive tools, I have found olive oil to be a great asset, and not just for your cooking!1: Snoring: take a teaspoon of olive oil before bed to lubricate your throat...
  • Heinz Vinegar
    Ten awesome uses for vinegar!
    There is an awesome coupon out there right now for Heinz Vinegar...$1/1 Bottle and Walmart has a bottle of vinegar for $1.00 each! If you're lucky enough to get a few of these FREEBIES, keep reading!Unleash the power of white vinegar―an all...
  • LSD Blotter
    Addiction to LSD
    The drug situation in Orangeburg, South Carolina continues to be one of the most serious throughout the state of South Carolina. As with many other drugs, LSD is in the midst of the problem. If you or a loved one are addicted to LSD and live in...
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