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  • Used car batteries
    Used car batteries
    While many people have heard of buying used tires, few people have heard of buying used car batteries. In fact, there are a lot of people who buy these for the same reasons that used tires have become so popular; they are cheap car batteries....
  • Buying a used rental car
    Buying a used rental car
    Buying a former rental car can give a buyer a lot of savings over the listed or blue book value of a vehicle, but many people wonder about the potential risks. Rental cars are not known for their gentle treatment, but a lot of potential buyers...
  • Kendall Jenner
    Is Kendall Jenner being used by someone she likes?
    Kendall Jenner likes to tweet random things, whether it is song lyrics from her favorite singles at the time or cute pictures of animals she wants in her home. However, according to a new tweet released on Dec. 1, it sounds like she may also have...
  • Books 4 Buddies Logo
    National Book Month: Book Drive in Toledo, OH
    October is National Book Month! There are many ways to celebrate according to the National Book Foundation. You can select titles from their list of great reads, get your family involved in reading or find 56 reasons to read. But in Toledo, OH, a...
  • Books
    Where to buy inexpensive books in the Metro Richmond Area
    Books can be an expensive endeavor for any reading enthusiast. Going to a conventional corporate bookstore can cost anywhere from a few dollars to even hundreds of dollars, depending upon whether the book is hardback or paperback, a new release or...
  • Used Treasure
    The beauty of bygone books
    Owning a used book store is a delicate art. When competing with big names like Barnes & Noble, it can be challenging to keep business flowing through the doors. It can be difficult to pay overhead, let alone pay any employees and then leave at...
  • Used curriculum sales 2011
    Used curriculum sales 2011
    It's that time of the year again! The school year is almost over and some of us are starting to clean out closets and thinking about next year. I am always excited when I start finding out about used curriculum sales, because I can rarely get...
  • emotional roller coaster
    Have you been USED??
    Is it always easy to identify when you're being used? All the actions are there, you're hearing the things you want to hear, but it's always too late when you find out what's really going on. How long does it take you to realize...
  • Refurbished Frame!
    From used to new
    When it comes to this girl and her loves, they can pretty much be counted on a few fingers, however, one of them definitely includes photography and taking pictures of anything and everything! As you all could see from my previous post, I love to...
  • Target Logo
    Want the iPhone 4? Target Trade-in can help!
    2/2/10 - With the anticipation of the arrival of the iPhone 4 to Verizon this February 10th, many consumers will be looking to trade in their old and used cell phones in hopes of being able to snag this powerful device. What do you do with the old...
  • Jason Graham
    Game Players Unlimited A Local Store Profile Part Two
    You can catch part one here.Game Players Unlimited wasn’t a success immediately after it opened. Like any business it took time and was quite a learning curve for the young businessman Jason Graham. Jason told me “At 19 I used some...
  • resized_rowscooters.jpg
    Where to Buy a Scooter
    San Francisco has more dealerships providing new and used scooters than any other city in the Bay Area. If you plan on coming into the city, these are my favorite dealers that know everything there is to know about Scooters. You could go onto eBay...
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