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  • Coyotes now are invading even urban areas
    Coyotes now are invading even urban areas
    At first, it was raccoons, skunks, and foxes that became urban animals. Now, coyotes also are thrivingin urban areas. This article will consider the dangers of this invasion to humans.Coyotes, for example, will:1. Hunt small animals such as mice,...
  • Suflay
    Examiner Fashion Spotlight: Suflay Clothing & Apparel
    Give us a little background history concerning the Suflay fashion line.Suflay Clothing And Apparel is exactly one year old. It all started with one common goal, which was to create a new brand, that would retrain the mind and prove that it is cool...
  • Photo Sensei-Urban Dallas Tour
    Photo Sensei Photography Tours make photo opps on Urban Dallas tour
    Photo Sensei has been offering photography workshops and tours throughout the U.S. in the biggest cities for the last five years, focusing on technique, composition, and fun. Classes last four to six hours, with the first two hours developing...
  • Where the blacks are: Find urban city areas full of African Americans – and more
    Where the blacks are: Find urban city areas full of African Americans – and more
    This reporter finds it fascinating to use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to expose the things currently on the minds of Americans by uncovering the search terms they type into the huge search engine each day. That’s how I learned that...
  • Walk signal: Once a cyclist friend, but no longer.
    Ticketing cyclists for using crosswalks is counterproductice
    Cyclist beware. Somerville Police are ticketing riders who use the walk signal to cross an intersection. In an effort to foster safer roads (and cyclists especially want that), the Somerville traffic enforcers are now targeting cycling scofflaws....
  • The Challenges of Living in the Big Apple
    The Challenges of Living in the Big Apple
    It is a miracle that New York 
works at all. The whole thing is 
implausible. -E.B. WhiteI’m an old school ‘New Yawker’. For old timers like me, NYC has lost its soulful edge. Over the years I’ve witnessed the NYC landscape...
  • PAAVE: SmartCommunities
    "Robbery in Progress spills into CitiBank"
    Yesterday afternoon at (approximately 5:15 pm), while walking with my bike on Minnesota Avenue, two African American men (1 older, 1 younger), began walking on either side - in stride with me along the avenue. They began a casual conversation...
  • The "Fun" Center
    Irish Hills mirrors Detroit desolation
    It is said that as the automobiles go, so does the city of Detroit. And as more people take to the road in southeast Michigan, they are putting miles on their automobiles, leading to more service and replacement. Tourism and autos go hand-in-hand...
  • Smartcommunities
    Social Impact: Ward 7
    Social Impact in Ward 7We’ve identified Ward 7, which has significant social impact needs - and as to the neighborhood’s general personality - to use as an “Identifier for Social Impact Initiatives.” We also identified and...
  • Biker Barre Studio
    Exploring the D.C. fitness scene
    Boutique fitness isn't just growing aggressively in markets like New York City or Los Angeles. Washington D.C. is getting a taste of the specialized workouts scene. Here are a few we've tried, tested and recommend:Solid Core - Think:...
  • inflatable shelter
    Low cost inflatable shelter for homeless attach to HVAC exhaust
    Despite the biting cold and never ending winter weather well into March, many homeless are hesitant to head to shelters, fearing the rampant violence and disease in these temporary residences more than the freezing temperatures outside. Resorting...
  • bike to work
    Get paid to bike to work
    Cyclists could soon be paid to cycle to work under a new plan to boost cycling to get people fitter to save on health spending and, perhaps, create more jobs. Is this a possibility? If you live in France, it may soon become reality.France&rsquo...
  • Guerrilla gardening
    Guerrilla gardening
    Here’s a tip on urban farming from Body+Soul…passed on to me a few years back by one of my lovely daughters, Joelle...Create some urban green spacesTo create more green spaces, rogue gardeners in cities and urban areas around the...
  • 'Crooklyn'
    DVD review: 'Crooklyn'
    Spike Lee was one of the most controversial and biggest directors of the 80's and 90's. His work offered a perspective on inner-city life that hadn't been represented up until that point.Right on the heels of his pinnacle, he released...
  • Glass Fragement Recovered at Riverside, Upper West Side
    Broken Glass: Why it's not such an Archaeological Pane! (Get it, pane)
    It would be difficult for most people to think of broken glass as anything more than garbage. While it might be easy to understand why archaeologists would recover and analyze glass artifacts such as medicine bottles or beads, what can small...
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