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  • Stressbuster:  More ways to unplug (part 2)
    Stressbuster: More ways to unplug
    We’ve already explored the top 3 ways to unplug, but here are other things to try:4) Rather than getting on your electronic device, adopt or incorporate active routines into your life. Things to try: For every 15 minutes you spend with...
  • Stressbuster:  Top 3 ways to unplug, part 1
    Stressbuster: Top 3 ways to unplug
    Much of society has arrived at the notion that the use of cell phones, tablets, laptops and other media devices aren't a bad thing overall. Technology in itself is not unhealthy; it’s often a combination of what we do with it, what we...
  • Devices
    Unplug your way to better beauty
    Parenting can be challenging enough, then to add answering cell phones, checking emails and more only adds more wrinkles, and stress lines to our tired faces. We never take a break because we have access to more communicative devices then ever...
  • National Unplug Day
    5 tips to make National Unplugging Day easier for everyone
    The thought of not reading emails, checking Facebook or snapping a picture for Instagram may bring the shakes. March 7 and 8 is the National Unplugging Day. It is time to ditch the smartdevices for actual face to face interaction.While a...
  • Take a break from technology!
    Take a break from technology!
    Unplug!There I said it…It is alarming to find out the number of adolescents that simply feel “naked” without their phone and access to Twitter, Facebook, Texting, Snapchat, Instagram,KIK…etc. Wake up people.I have to...
  • The digital world
    Digital detox: How to unplug for your next outdoor adventure
    Unplugging from social media for an extended period of time—a scary thought, right? But, powering down and getting outdoors is one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being.When we spend too much time online, the pulse of...
  • Unplug electronics
    Phantom power from electronics is costing you money
    You might turn off your computer, television and other electronics, but they still cost you money because they never go completely off.If your electronics are plugged in, they are still pulling current from the receptaclethey areplugged into...
  • Feb 14-19th, 2011 Turn off TV week
    Feb 14 - 19th: Turn off the TV Week!
    Next week, starting Monday, February 14th through Friday, February 19th is Turn off the TV Week at The Principled Academy in San Leandro near Oakland, CA. I am sure many other schools around the country are honoring this week by unplugging as well...
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