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  • End of an era: Last meal at the Fountain Restaurant
    End of an era: Last meal at the Fountain Restaurant
    After 31 years, the perennial favorite Fountain Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel is closing and relocating to the top of the new Comcast Innovation and Technology Center skyscraper opening. The award-winning Fountain restaurant announced that...
  • Poppa's serves up fresh and uni-que seafood
    Poppa's serves up fresh and uni-que seafood
    Poppa's Fresh Fish Company is a veritable staple at San Diego's top farmer's markets. Fans can find the owner Mark Lane and his fresh seafood by checking out the locations page. Be sure to come early as supplies run out quickly.At the...
  • Kabuto
    Perfect Pairings at Kabuto Restaurant
    Kabuto’s intimate ambiance provides a personal dining experience at both the sushi bar and table. Kabuto, in Japanese, is characterized as the armored helmets that the samurai used to wear in feudal Japan. Located on Geary Street bordering...
  • Live Sushi Bar
    In Living Color at Live Sushi Bar
    Live Sushi Bar is a hidden sushi spot located in a residential neighborhood of Potrero Hill. Their extensive menu offers a large variety of appetizers, fish, and sushi along with a white board scribbled with their daily specials. Live Sushi Bar is...
  • Spoonfuls of Happiness at Koo
    A Koo Way to Eat
    I never knew that happiness could be amounted in a spoonful…until dining at Koo. The Spoonfuls of Happiness appear at the top of the menu for a reason. One may skim over this dish because of the $12.00 price tag attached, but it is...
  • Pork belly sushi
    Spaghetti plus sushi equals Dieci
    Can’t decide on Japanese or Italian for dinner? Go to the cozy, dimly lit Dieci on 10th Street where you can get the best of both worlds. A lot of items on the menu are either Japanese or Italian, but there are also a bunch that marry the...
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