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  • IEEE Computer Society
    Learn Best Practices on Release and Deploy and Stay at the Top of Your Game!
    If you're currently looking for new career prospects in software engineering... or your looking for information to help you "bone up" for interviews... - May I suggest you look into these 5 whitepapers that are available for FREE...
  • Ali DaCosta-Paul
    10-Year-Old Musician, Entrepreneur and Author Invests In Rental Property
    Some kids dream of being successful when they grow up; Ali DaCosta-Paul accepts this responsibility now. At the tender age of 10, while many of his peers are pondering the next CD or book to purchase, Ali, the fledgling mogul, releases his first...
  • Job Fair
    Job Search Tips for Your Consideration
    Looking for a job is tough but it does not mean that there is not much offered out there. You just have to know where to look and do your best to knock their socks off with a killer resume and formal application while you are at it. There are...
  • AppsWorld Conference FREE Expo Pass !!
    AppsWorld Conference - FREE Expo Pass - May 12-13, 2015 Moscone Center
    Wanted to make sure folks were aware of the FREE Expo Pass that's available for anyone interested in attending the upcoming AppWorld conference at Moscone Center - San Francisco in May 2015.Registration for the FREE Pass Pass ishttps://apps...
  • RFID smart chip technology
    RFID technology in global trade, manufacturing and 'wearable' banking wristbands
    Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology used in global trade accelerates the process of itemizing inventory by tagging merchandise destined for cargo shipments, airlines, railroad, or by trailer. The technology uses radio frequency waves...
  • Talent-Ops / Recruiter/ HR Holiday Party at Runway - 12/10
    Attn: Recruiters, HR and Talent-Ops Professionals - Networking Holiday Party
    Wanted to share this information about this GREAT networking holiday party for people who are involved in the recruiting industry, human resource and talent management professionals. The TalentOps MeetupRSVP via MeetUp:
  • Expensive Pen for Lawyers
    What Niche Law Firms like Cordell & Cordell Can Teach Us About Marketing
    When it comes to marketing your business, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Every company’s promotion plan should be as varied as the industry as a whole.A new restaurant may find that guerrilla advertising in the...
  • Check out the KPCB Internet Trends 2014 report - Helpful in Employment Search
    Check out the KPCB Internet Trends 2014 report - Helpful in Employment Search
    Thought I would share this information about this KPCB Internet trends 2015 report.- by Mary Meeker.Slides available via SlideShare:
  • FREE Expo Pass from F50 to GMIC = December 1st - 3rd
    FREE Expo Pass from F50 to GMIC = December 1st - 3rd
    This is a GREAT opportunity for anyone looking for new career prospects or an experienced programmer to learn whats news and trending here mobile application development. If you are a passive candidate or a current programmer interested in...
  • My Resume
    Sell yourself on your resume, not just your experience
    Everyone these days is striving to stand out from the crowd, whether it be in personal endeavors, or in order to get that perfect job. So how do couple the two together in order to sell yourself on a more personal level? It's easier than you...
  • Yelp Sales Open House: Interested in a Five-Star Sales career?
    Yelp Sales Open House: Interested in a Five-Star Sales career?
    Please join the Yelp! Sales Recruiting Team for an evening of food, fare, and networking at the Yelp! Open House onNovember 24th, 5:30pm - 6:30pm.Yelp Account Executives are an integral part in the success of our organization, and we are growing...
  • Google's Head of HR Resume Mistakes and Fixes
    Biggest resume mistakes from Google's head of HR
    Earlier this year, the HR Chief of Google, Laszlo Bock, posted the top five reasons why he will toss out a resume and how it can be fixed. The tips listed are timeless and hold true no matter what job you are applying for. From his LinkedIn post,...
  • Holiday Jobs
    Holiday Jobs - Easy as Swiping?
    Your holiday job is right at your fingertips...With Black Friday right around the corner, employers are quickly ramping up their hiring efforts for the holiday season. Snagajob, America’s largest hourly employment marketplace for job seekers...
  • October Regional and State Unemployment
    State Employment Improves In October
    Yesterday the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary on national data collected during October 2014. Each month this government agency reports on each state's...
  • Today's Report on Weekly Unemployment Has Claims Down
    Today's Report on Weekly Unemployment Has Claims Down
    Today the United States Department of Labor (DOL) released their advance News Release on Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims for the week ending November 15, 2014. Overall claims decreased by 2000 claims from the previous week. The weekly jobless...