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  • Frustration at work
    Understanding your unhappiness in your new job and fixing it: Part two
    In part one we reviewed several questions to ask yourself when trying to figure out what may be leading to your discontent in your new job. We also talked about why some of those questions may be important, starting with understanding your...
  • Friendship is a journey
    Friendship is a journey
    Two people on the road to friendship doesn't look like what others would consider the norm. It’s an event of sharing who each of us are. In what one would consider normal, the two don’t really know each other. They are friends...
  • listen
    5 tips listening to understand
    In a world of constant noise and distraction, there is little time to listen to others as we are rushing to our next event, catching up with a friend over text or just busy with our never ending to do list. Technology has a new role in how we...
  • Scales of Justice
    How to persuade jurors in a complex case
    By Amy Singer, Ph.D. and Diana GreningerOur American system of justice is the only system in the world that allows for a guaranteed right: to be judged by a jury of one’s peers. But what if your peers simply cannot identify or relate with...
  • Calm Down and Evaluate the Situation
    How to Understand Your Passive Partner
    I'm sure you've noticed how they avoid your confrontations. How they willingly blame themselves for the problems in your relationship and accept your words.Or maybe you've noticed how you always have to reach out, despite their words...
  • You don't need to understand trust me
    You don't need to understand trust me
    Once upon a time I had a boyfriend who offered advice when I asked for it. But he never explained the series of events that would get me there, to my goal. Just do it.But I wanted explanations, I needed details. He on the other hand, was not one...
  • Keeping him happy
    What do men really want?
    What is it that men really want? There are hundreds of books devoted to dating, relationships, and how to attract a man. Ask men what their favorite part of the female body is and the answer ranges from legs, butt, chest, smile… the list...
  • Laughing Couple
    Understanding One Another
    I recently was faced with some challenges regarding behavior. The other person was testing me, or so I believed. So in order to make sure I understood that person; I decided to ask "is there something wrong?" "No, nothing is wrong,...
  • Drug addict
    Understanding and helping an addict
    Addiction is a disease that spreads through lives like a virus. It is a painful existence for all those involved and often the end result is death. Families often try many means to save their addict but most of these actions yield little results....
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