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  • Cool comfort: Armachillo Boxer Brief
    Cool comfort: Armachillo Boxer Brief
    Having the reputation as an underwear expert certainly has its perks. Slipping into something a little more comfortable isn’t a bad way to earn a little extra scratch, and coming up with creative ways to share my findings is more a labor of...
  • Keeping cool with Duluth Trading Company
    Keeping cool with Duluth Trading Company
    What little bit of winter we had around the San Francisco Bay Area is now nothing but a memory. Spring is upon us which means its time to lighten the layers and dress for what will likely be a rather warm, dry season. Because of this, you need to...
    Check out my squirrel: Duluth Trading Co Date Night Boxers
    You’ve seen them grace this space on way more than one occasion. One of the reasons behind this has to do with a personal obsession with underpants, and the other is all about the fact that Buck Naked underwear, in all its iterations, is...
  • A peek into the pouch: Saxx underwear
    A peek into the pouch: Saxx underwear
    Though it’s rare for me to crank out a review so soon after introducing a product, I pretty much knew right from the start what I was going to be writing in regard to the Saxx underwear that recently arrived. Saxx makes underwear unlike any...
  • F&T
    Need to know: Flint and Tinder
    Tell me, gentlemen, in what country were you undies made? If you can do so safely and without getting arrested, take a peek for me. Honduras? Costa Rica? Mauritius? Bangladesh? Someplace you’ve never heard of and couldn’t find on a map...
  • TJ or JT
    Gift guide #2: Dia de los padres
    Just in case you’ve not been paying attention, Father’s Day is right around the corner. That’s right, on June 16 it’s time to celebrate the patriarch of the posse by bestowing upon him the kind of gifts that say &ldquo...
  • The Adventures of Captain Underpants
    'Captain Underpants' is #1 banned book for all that is preshrunk and cottony
    Bondage, sadism & masochism, alcoholism, suicide, ghosts and ghouls, and sexual abuse all run as themes in some of the top ten banned or challenged books of 2012 except in the series which ranked #1.Dav Pilkey’s series The Adventures of...
  • Tommy John Second Skin briefs
    Product review: Tommy John underwear
    Recently I took a look at the new undershirts from Tommy John, a new line of underwear from fashion world newcomer Tom Patterson. In addition to the undershirt, the company sent a pair of their Second Skin briefs for review.According to the...
  • Potty Training
    Potty Time
    Diaper after diaper, parents waste dollars and dollars down the drain. The next big step after diapers is the wonderful stage of potty training. Teaching a child how to use the potty is probably one of the hardest steps in parenthood and childhood...
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