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  • Must-have undergarments for summer styles
    5 must-have undergarments for tricky summer clothes
    With summer comes more skin: plunging necklines, cutouts, sheer fabrics, and backless styles and the question becomes 'What do I wear underneath?'There's nothing more distracting or unsightly than straps peeking out of a sexy dress or...
  • Caffeinated undergarments go cold
    Caffeine-infused undergarments go cold
    National Coffee Day is behind us but coffee’s magical ingredient, caffeine, is in the news yet again, but not in the way you would think. Caffeine-infused undergarments that were being sold as weight-loss aids have been deemed bogus by the...
  • Caffeine infused underwear don't work
    Caffeinated undergarments: FTC says no good
    Are you looking to lose some weight? Unfortunately, switching your underwear to caffeine-infused underpants won’t get you there. (No one is happy about the news.) The Consumerist reported on Monday, Sept. 29, that the Federal Trade...
  • Reasons for shapewear
    The Shapewear Advantage
    You spend considerable money on a stunning new outfit, but what's underneath is what will make you stand out from the crowd.How many times have you seen a woman in a beautiful dress only to be distracted by unsightly panty lines or the dreaded...
  • Vintage Lingerie
    Vintage lingerie from the 1850's to the 1970's
    "Vintage Lingerie" is a book of 30 patterns based on period garments plus finishing techniques by Jill Salen. The term lingerie stems from the word linen. Up until the 1500's all undergarments were made from linen. It was then,...
  • Maxi Dresses Hit Pittsburgh
    Maxi Dresses Hit Pittsburgh
    Be ready for Pittsburgh Today Live or be TiVo ready to Pittsburgh Today Live. The Trend Report will be featurng the maxi dress. The designs will be from various stores at The Mall at Robinson. Pitsburgh Runway Fashion Blogger seems to have become...
  • Soma
    Get your bra size measured at your local department store
    You can have on the cutest outfit. However, if your undergarments are not right, then your look can be completely ruined. Every woman should have well-fitted undergarments to ensure that she looks her best.For starters, you want to make sure that...
  • Petticoat for women
    The bare secrets on underwear
    I recently read a great Chicago Tribune article titled, “10 things you might not know about underwear," and wanted to share the story with readers.Inspired by society’s scattered underwear news ranging from the...
  • Visible bra straps
    Non-visible undergarments improve the look and taste of any outfit
    Boston, with all its culture and happenings, has a lot of places where a woman will benefit from taking time to class up her appearance a little. There are lots of ways to do this, but one small thing that can be done every day is to make sure...
  • Yummie Tummie Shelley Dress
    Trendy undergarments for 2011
    The New Year came and went, resolutions have already been broken and you still haven’t worked off that holiday belly. What to do, what to do? Besides getting back into the gym, there are a few temporary yet stylish solutions to hide all your...
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