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‘Countdown to Contact 2014’ UFO conference in Vancouver

August 15, 2014
In what is anticipated as the most exciting Ufology conference of the year “Countdown to Contact 2014” will feature leading researchers, contactees and authors focused on extraterrestrials, the dimensional ecology of the omniverse and consciousness. Cutting-edge information...

Missouri cattle mutilation reported to MUFON

July 30, 2014
A Wright County, MO, radio station employee filed a report for a local listener who experienced a recent cattle mutilation, according to July 28, 2014, testimony in Case 58460 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.“He...

UFO video: Disney's 'Alien Encounters' says UFOs are real

July 30, 2014
"Mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in history – actual contact with intelligent life from other planets. For nearly 50 years, officials have been documenting routine alien encounters here on earth, and thousands of people...

UFOs over Toronto: Video shows odd lights over the city

July 28, 2014
Were there UFOs over Toronto this weekend? According to a few who got video and photographic evidence of a mysterious light that appeared to be hovering over the city, there seemed to be something strange in the Canadian sky Saturday...