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  • Broken Rose
    Depression and balance in life
    Sometimes bad things happen. Trees fall. Floods happen. Health fails. When you are living in with a constant level of high stress, struggling through one calamity after another, it gets easy to lose sight of the positive.It can seem like all of...
  • 'Trying' at Clague Playhouse
    Actors are 'Trying' and succeeding at Clague Playhouse
    Running now through February 1, 2015, Clague Playhouse presents the witty and emotional “Trying”. Written by Joanna McClelland Glass and directed by Douglas Farren, the well-paced production follows Canadian Sarah Schorr (Debbie Lenarz...
  • Q&A with Kidd Wes
    Q&A with Kidd Wes
    Miami, Florida rapper Kidd Wes is a back to basics artists with a new twist. He rhymes from the heart. His songs are easy to relate to because his lyrics are about everyday things that most people go throughconcerningtopics such asfamily, friends,...
  • Take in the sounds of the waves
    A moment a memory never to forget
    Can you recall a time where you had to endure an extremely awful and trying week. At the conclusion of this week you were able to be by the water smelling the aroma of the ocean and refreshing yourself with the drink of your choice accompanied by...
  • Kelsey Venter and Doug Waldo as Sarah Shorr and Judge Francis Biddle
    Plusses for Trying at Lamb’s Players Theatre
    Coronado, CA---When Joanna McClelland Glass first met Judge Francis Biddle in 1967 she was in her early twenties and he was 81. She was on the morning side of her life and career he was at twilight of his. He had pretty much ‘done it all....
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