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  • Dog Rock
    3 Tips to improving your vacation photography
    Are you going on vacation this summer? Do you plan on taking pictures with your new or existing point and shoot or DSLR camera? The more tips you know about creating those images the more you are going to enjoy recording those most precious...
  • GorillaPod Focus Tripod
    Gift ideas for photographers - the Joby GorillaPod Focus tripod
    Need a compact, solid, durable, and portable tripod to take with you into the field? Perhaps to keep the camera in place as you direct an environmental portrait or as you take a self timed shot of you and your family or friends? Perhaps you want...
  • Joby’s GripTight Mount: One size does not fit all!
    Joby’s GripTight Mount: One size does not fit all!
    The first time that this author encountered the Joby brand was with their GorillaPod. This tripod has amazingly flexible legs, allowing it to mount to a camera in unusual locales (e.g., on poles, on top of uneven surfaces, etc.). The GorillaPod...
  • Joby GorillaPod Focus + Ballhead X Review
    Joby GorillaPod Focus + Ballhead X Review
    The GorillaPod Focus makes a unique flexible tripod that is great for location shooting using those full sized DSLR cameras and camcorders that creates a solid platform.Ease of Use, Performance: 5/5Look & Feel: 5/5Features: 4/5How much I enjoy...
  • Quik Pod DSLR/POV Monopod
    Quik Pod DSLR/POV Monopod
    The Quik Pod DSLR/POV is a handheld monopod that is made from aluminum and has the POV mirror to use the monopod for self-portraits but when fully extended it does not support a DSLR camera well.Ease of Use, Performance: 1/5Look & Feel: 1...
  • How to set cameras for the fireworks
    How to set cameras for the fireworks
    What a question. Real question is how do you want them to look? Most people favor the longer exposure and the feather look to the fireworks. Others like the clean straight tight lines. Many people like the launch trails showing and some do not. As...
  • Camera for Digital Media Production
    Digital Media Technology
    Digital media is a broad topic includes digital video production, video editing, animation, motion graphics, live events, journalist events, documentary filming and digital computer production. The tools used cover a vast array of career fields....
  • Glif+ iPhone 4/4S camera tripod adapter
    Tech Review: Glif+ iPhone 4/4S camera tripod adapter
    The Glif+ is an ingenious little contraption by Studio Neat that was on display at the Macworld Expo this year in San Francisco. It allows you to use your iPhone 4/4S on almost every single tripod or monopod on the planet. It does this by...
  • Benro
    Product Review – Benro Travel Angel Tripod
    It you are a serious travel photographer, you’ll want to take a tripod with you when you set out on your next shoot. If you plan to fly, that has usually meant a large suitcase to pack your tripod in. For years, I used a tripod that was just...
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