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  • Feb. 8 2014 Snow
    Trimet halts Max trains due to severe weather conditions
    On Feb. 8 KATU reports that Trimet has halted all Max trains and is dispatching buses to Max stops to pick up passenger due to severe weather conditions.In the Portland Metro area there is severe weather conditions due to the three day snow storm...
  • Waiting for the MAX
    TriMet connects Portlanders with work, fun and relaxation
    “Instead of sitting in traffic and dodging aggressive, texting drivers, I can read a book, network, chat with a stranger, teach my children and move my body.” — Tara CarlsonPortlander Tara Carlson has a car; she’s simply...
  • Portland mayor Sam Adams
    Trimet continues student bus pass program
    After much deliberation, Sam Adams has come to agreement with Trimet to continue the student bus pass program for students attending Portland Public Schools. Throughout Portland and its surrounding areas, the Portland Public School District is the...
  • Trimet Max Blue Line
    Fareless Square to disappear September 1st due to Trimet budget cuts
    One of the best attractions to the downtown Portland area is the "Fareless Square" put into place in 1975 to help low income families get around town a little easier. Now, Trimet is claiming that the Fareless Square is not doing this any...
  • Using TriMet
    Travel to Portland without a rental car
    Many times, you may want to travel, but do not want to hasslewith maps, GPS, or driving in an unknown area. You may want options on how to get from the airport to your hotel and around town. What are you to do?Forms of TransportationIf you are...
  • TriMet #8 at bus stop
    TriMet's raising fares (again), but there's good news for disabled
    For the third time in four years, TriMet is raising fares and cutting back on service.The transportation overhaul, approved by TriMet’s board June 13 and scheduled to take effect in September 2012, will make it even more difficult for bus...
  • Snow at the Sunset Transit Center
    TriMet, Portland stand up to old man winter
    After what was shaping up to be one of the driest winters in recent memory, Portland received a large dose of moisture this past week which has brought precipitation levels within spitting distance of what meteorologists consider normal.Yes, after...
  • Line 20 Stops in Front of Powell's Books
    Line 20: A Refreshing Alternative to MAX During Rush Hour
    According to Trimet, at least one in eight Portland commuters finds him or herself there each day. Waiting for MAX to arrive, counting down the minutes on a digital display that is not correct even if read backwards, only to have the excitement of...
  • Portland Oregon TriMet MAX train
    Portland Oregon's TriMet system
    Many cities in the United States have a light rail system of some fashion, which includes trolley cars and cable cars. For a complete overview here is a mapof the cities and states that presently enjoy rail transit.This column will address...
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