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  • trichotillomania
    All about trichotillomania
    Trichotillomania is an obsessive-compulsive related disorder which causes an individual to pull out his or her hair. Left untreated, a trichotillomania sufferer can end up with large patches of missing hair all over the entire body, not just the...
  • Before and after shots of a trick sufferer.
    Hair pulling help: Raising awareness, growing new hair and boosting confidence
    For those who suffer from trichotillomania, it may seem like there is little or no help for uncontrollable hair pulling. However, through recent efforts at the International Beauty Show with organizations such as HelpMe2Stop partnering with Hair...
  • Trichotillomania disorder - Pulling out hair disorder
    Pulling out your hair disorder - Trichotillomania
    Most people that pull their hair out by the root are diagnosed with OCDobsessivecompulsive disorder. OCD trichotillomania is a disorder that affects the nerves and sometimes the emotions of the hair puller. There are tips that can help a person...
  • Lucinda Ellery
    Lucinda Ellery hair consultancy: Strand by strand excellence
    Hair is our crowning glory and can help make or break our day. It puts the rest of our body in place and is the finishing touch to our look. We all want to look our best, and Lucinda Ellery can definitely help in that department, since if she sees...
  • Colin Farrell (front) plays with student Luis Aguilera at the Special Olympics Global Youth Forum at the Helix Theatre in DCU on June 23, 2003 in Dublin, Ireland. The Global Youth Summit brought students with and without intellectual problems together as
    ‘Seven Psychopaths’, Colin Farrell: ‘My mother used to organize my porno mags’
    During Friday's guest appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, Colin Farrell discussed the “sexy”, food, the movie “Seven Psychopaths”, and his childhood. Colin Farrell told Jay and the audience that as a 12-year...
  • Judy Blake
    Judy's World
    Reflecting on the life of Judy Blake, I realized that everybody has 24 hours in a day to ration time for various activities...working, relaxing, socializing. We pretty well take for granted that each day will be relatively typical.Judy's days...
  • Mattel to create bald friend of Barbie for girls who suffer from hair loss
    Mattel creates bald Barbie for girls who suffer from hair loss
    Get ready for bald Barbie. Mattel announced ontheir Facebook page that they will be producing a bald 'friend of Barbie' doll forgirls who are affected by hair lossdue to cancer treatments, Alopecia or Trichotillomania.Working with their...
  • Trichotillomania - pulling out hair from scalp
    Trichotillomania ocd stop hair pulling with prevention
    Hair Pulling DisorderHair pulling is a nervous condition, which causes an individual to pull strands of their hair out of their scalp by the root. This hair pulling condition is called trichotillomania (TTM), which is a nervous disorder that can...
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