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  • Easter Bunny crafts, edible Easter bunny recipes: homemade rabbit-themed treats
    Easter Bunny crafts, edible Easter bunny recipes: homemade rabbit-themed treats
    Spring is in the air! Time for Easter bunny, baskets, candy, baby animals and best of all, bunnies! Did I mention bunnies? If you're looking for cute edible Easter bunny crafts to make? Here are three easy, edible, eco-friendly and uber-cute...
  • Valentine's Day with your cat
    3 fun and interesting ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your cat
    We might not typically think of Valentine's Day as a good day to make extra quality time with our cats. Since Valentine's Day is considered to be the day of love in our culture, then what better day to spend extra quality time with your...
  • vday
    Valentines from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen
    It is no secret that Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is one of my favorite treat places! Year round they have wonderful offerings, however for Valentine’s Day, they bring out some extra flair! Check out the descriptions below for some of the...
  • Wal-mart not pulling treats
    Wal-Mart refusing to pull pet treats from China off shelves
    On Jan. 6, Petco announced that they were pulling all pet treats made in China from more than 1,300 retail stores nationwide, due to concerns over widespread illness and death after pets had consumed a variety of brands of those treats. Two days...
  • Lemonhead is on our front porch!
    Lemonhead strikes and begs yellow for Yelloween
    Lemonhead came by early for Halloween. Apparently he left candy boxes and a pumpkin (look at photo)!Lemonhead and the world famous Ferrara Candy Company love Halloween and everything it stands for, except for one thing… the color orange...
  • Review: Natural Gingerbread Dog Treats by Bubbas' Nummies
    Review: Natural Gingerbread Dog Treats by Bubbas' Nummies
    Any good dog owner knows you can't buy gifts for the holidays without picking up something for your pup as well. If you're looking for natural treats that your dog will want to eat, check out theNatural Gingerbread Dog Treats by Etsy Shop...
  • Halloween cookies your cat can enjoy
    Halloween treats your cat can enjoy
    Halloween is coming, which means costumes, decorations and treats. Of course, we know that Halloween treats like cookies, candy and cupcakes aren't good for pets. Some of us have cats that won't tolerate having a costume put on them,...
  • candy corn
    Candy Corn: 10 things you can do with it besides eating the nasty stuff
    Candy corn is an edible food item rich in sugar that is most popular at Halloween time as it is colorful and inexpensive – as well as jam-packed with sugar – and can be used as the “treat” part of “trick or treat...
  • The top 10 Halloween meals to dine on!
    The top 10 Halloween meals to dine on!
    After an ice, cold Halloween drink you might crave some treats! I have searched close and far, entered spooky zones, roamed the Halloween web buzz, and found the best Halloween recipes and treats, just for you. So here they are, the top 10 Vegan...
  • Sweet treats for summer
    Celebrate Fourth of July with sweet treats
    Over the summer, everyone is enjoying cooking outside and creating special dishes. From red, white and blue, desserts to fresh fruit inspired dishes, the summer holiday is a time to indulge. When creating a holiday menu, considering guests dietary...
  • Dr. Roger Mugford has done it again with new dog training treats
    Dr. Roger Mugford has done it again with new dog training treats
    Dr. Roger Mugford, Pet Behaviorist, and Founder of The Company of Animals, wants to introduce the company’s latest conjoined partner, Coachies Training Treats. This latest membership into the growing family of lifestyle and training products...
  • No-bake Cookie Balls
    No-bake cookie balls recipe
    The holidays are known as a time for baking.Many people bake up a storm this time of year and give their beautiful concoctions as gifts. While your oven is working overtime cooking up your breads, cookies, and other goodies, why not try out this...
  • 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs
    2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs
    The Rockies are a dog’s paradise, so is it any wonder that some of the best pet-related companies are based in Colorado? Check out these gift ideas for toys, treats, gear, and gadgets from the state where dogs really know how to roll.
  • Jerky Treats
    Michigan woman claims 'Made in China' treats killed her dog
    A family in Michigan blames treats made in China for the death of their dog, the canine's owner told a local TV station Sunday, Dec. 1. Lynn Deloria, of Kingsford, Mich., said her dog first became sick in August, which prompted several trips...
  • Pets love the holidays
    Pets love the holiday time
    Pets love the holidays, maybe more than we do. They love the people, smells, excitement, food, attention and oh so much more. We on the other-hand see them as our best friends under foot, in the way and at times into things they shouldn’t....
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