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  • Back in vogue?
    FDA begins process to ban trans fats
    In a Federal Register notice that is unpublished as of 5:44 p.m. EDT on June 16, 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes its final determination that "trans fats" are no longer Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). These...
  • Trans*
    Let's talk transgender
    Do you have questions about gender identity? Do you wonder what "transgender" or "trans" means? Do you have a family member or friend going through a transition? Or are you simply curious?This Saturday, October 20th, a free...
  • Men
    There is an immediate reaction to the band MEN, once you see them after learning their name. Androgyny of appearance is just an added feature to this group, whose messages include trans awareness, wartime economies, and sexual compromise. MEN...
  • The Kweerioz
    USM's Royal Majesty Drag Competition and Show was a huge success
    Doors opened at 7pm for the USM Royal Majesty Competition and Show and the halls were packed with people from all walks of live waiting to get in. Walking into the ballroom at Portland's Holiday Inn by the Bay you were met with a stage and...
  • Price of Persia
    Eye candy for both guys and gals in 'Prince of Persia-Sands of Time' and a trans ostrich
    "Prince of Persia-Sands of Time" offers a lot of bromance kind of moments, but it also features one and only one really beautiful woman, the relatively new actress Gemma Arterton, who plays Tamina. Arterton played Agent Fields opposite...
  • The beautiful array of LGBT folk depicted
    Bisexuals counted in the U.S. Census, too! See the video
    It's the first time ever that gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people and couples will be counted in the United States Census. The Our Families Count site that encourages out and proud families to be counted also explains how this information...
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