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  • Avoid injuries
    Cross Training for martial artists
    Whether you're an avid competitor or just a very active martial arts student, cross training is essential for maintaining health and strength. Although it's tempting to stick with what you like to do, our bodies need variety and challenge...
  • The Association of Professional Dog Trainers to speak out
    The Association of Professional Dog Trainers to speak out
    The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, otherwise known in the dog world as APDT have devised a brand new event in honor of the 20th Anniversary Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) Educational Conference, which will take place...
  • bad dog
    What to look for in a dog training bootcamp
    "Doggie bootcamp" is also known as board and train, where your dog stays with the trainer for a period of time, typically a few weeks. Having your dog professionally trained is a popular choice, and often a first step towards reaching...
  • B&E Enterprises for your CPR training needs.
    B&E Enterprises for all your CPR, First Aid training.
    With so many children's toys on the market, parents have to be watchful that their kids are not putting toys or items in their mouth possibly blocking the throat area.If this was to occur what would a parent do, if they only had a few minutes...
  • Head collars for dog training
    Head collars for dog training
    In the 1980s the dog training head halter was patented and sold only through veterinarians. Later, the pet supply company Premier, purchased the patent and product line and began selling directly to the dog owner. The Gentle Leader, as it was...
  • FREE Training Opportunity: BigData, Hadoop, and Data Science
    Free Training Session in BigData, Hadoop, and Data Science - Santa Clara
    This is a GREAT opportunity - thought I would share it with my Examiner audience and cross-post to LinkedIn Groups.RSVP via this EventBrite to ensure attendance:
  • Eating before or after exercise
    Eating before or after exercise
    This has been a long debated topic.Experts, physicians, trainers, athletes, all seem to come up with a different answer.I have a personal opinion.............not that it's based on anything but my own experience. If I eat too close to a work...
  • Air Force Veteran to be united with rescued service dog
    Air Force Veteran to be united with rescued service dog
    The United States Air Force Personnel Center has reported that it has approximately 325,000 people on active duty and 260,000 enlisted men and women in the U. S. Air Force. After serving on active duty, several veterans find it difficult to go...
  • Online company training
    Developing your company's training plan
    As a business owner, you have to make sure that both you and your staff are up to date with new trends and market developments. One of the best ways you can do that is setting up a training and development program that can be accessed online and...
  • Fun performance events for boxers and their owners
    Fun performance events for boxers and their owners
    As every Boxer owner knows, they are an energetic breed of dog, and tend to do best when they have a job, whether it's patrolling the yard for chipmunks or keeping your lap warm while you watch television. While the boxer is best known as an...
  • Consistency
    Bodybuilding: 21 days to consistency
    Breaking a habit or creating a habit have a common theme. They are said to evoke change if attempted for 21 days. Yet so many people fall short because they decide to stop or give up within the midst of trying. Can you guess the first statement...
  • Andreas Schreiber post
    The Elevation Training Mask helps athletes reach a higher level
    The Elevation Training Mask is a mask worn over the mouth and nose during training. It, "helps condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance and strengthening the diaphragm." It helps, "regulate your breathing, increase lung...
  • Problem Participants
    Train the mind, reason with the voice of experience
    You have a group of 20. As you turn to draw a visual representation of you agenda, a story begins about a mountain traveled in the snow up hill both ways. Tales of how they just don't do things like they used to. You respond with, "that&...
  • Communication on both ends of the leash
    Train yourself to train your pet
    There are particular areas of self-mastery that all dog owners should have before moving on to the task of teaching their pet. Training your dog is never about getting compliance or obedience. If that is your philosophy, may I suggest you get a...
  • Manufacturing factory
    Kentucky Manufacturing Jobs
    The Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center at 160 Rochester Drive in South Louisville is connecting experienced manufacturing job seekers as well as job seekers looking for new careers with training and potential employers. The Kentucky...