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  • trailer_tire_failure
    Avoid roadside trailer woes with regular maintenance
    Lets face it: occasionally, even hard-core long-distance riders need to throw their bikes upon a trailer. Not just for repairs or break-downs; that's not what we're taking about here. More like riding out to Sturgis from, say, Maine or...
  • Spotted towing
    Porsche 911 Turbo caught towing caravan on French motorway
    GT Spirit reported early today (Aug 22,2013) that a Porsche 911 Turbo was spotted on the freeways of France pulling what looked like a full size camper (or as they call it in Europe, a caravan). For the average American, towing with anything...
  • Diesel Power's 2500 HD truck
    GMC Sierra 2500 HD sets land speed record for towing trailer at 142MPH
    The boys at Diesel power magazine set one of the more obscure land speed records, for towing a trailer at amaximumspeed of 142 MPH with a GMC Sierra 2500 HD. The previous record was at 139 MPH.Click here to see the video of their awesome run.In...
  • Pop-up Trailer
    Skip the motel and camp in a pop-up trailer
    Entry level campers often start with a pop-up trailer. More comfortable than a tent, a pop-up protects from the elements and provides optional amenities such as a heated bunk mattress, power lift system, refrigerator, shower, hot water heater,...
  • 2011 Dodge Durango
    2011 Dodge Durango: A real deal of an SUV
    Chrysler – Dodge Corporation has really been making a lot of changes lately and they appear to really be working. Their trucks and cars are winning more awards this year that it seems that they have done in the past few years. One of these...
  • Travel trailers to suit any lifestyle and budget
    Travel trailers to suit any lifestyle and budget
    Welcome to the wide world of travel trailers. The first step before beginning a travel trailer journey is to match the tow weight of the trailer to the towing capability of the intended tow vehicle. Refer to the manufacturers’ recommendation...
  • Boat Trailering
    Safely tow a boat in the Tampa Bay area
    The Tampa Bay area has an abundance of waterways to explore and enjoy. Keeping your boat on a trailer can provide you the freedom to explore new waterways, an affordable way to store your boat, and provide an easier way to maintain and clean your...
  • Tow Me, Please!
    Parking Problems are still prominent in Palm Beach County
    Last summer, this column featured several articles dealing with the rules and regulations surrounding parking issues in Palm Beach County. Beginning with the raid on King's Wrecker, homeowners associations across the Palm Beaches started...
  • Trailer Tires
    Boat trailer tires
    When it comes to trailer tires there are several things to think about before replacing them. There are two kinds of tires that are used on your boat trailer, bias and radial tires. Generally radial tires are more expensive than bias ply. Without...
  • Let's Go RVing
    RV Round-up: September 25, 2010
    Check out the current news stories and features about RVing, the RV Industry, RV parks and campgrounds, and the Snowbird lifestyle.Please Note: Earlier this week “RVing and the RV industry in the news” became “RV Round-up”....
  • Tow Truck Sign
    Tow trucks, apartment complexes, and scams in Orange County
    The line of tow trucks you will see if you drive down Warner Avenue, west of Beach Blvd., past a well-known apartment complex is a nightly occurrence. These scavengers are waiting for the clock to strike ten. Unfortunately, no fairy tales or happy...
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