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  • Caroline Manzo
    ‘RHONJ’ star Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo tweet about the same topic
    “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo may no longer be talking to each other after drama separated them on the show. However, it sounds like they are both still rattled by the storm that turned their...
  • How to properly choose a website or blog topic
    How to properly choose a website or blog topic
    Learning how to choose a website or blog topic is the first step in a successful search engine optimization plan. The topic you choose will have a dramatic effect on the results you can expect from your website or blog as well as how quickly you...
  • Writing
    Choosing a topic for your paper
    You have your assignment; you must write a 10 page research paper covering a topic of your choice. What do you choose to write about? Don’t panic you can do this.First, you want to stay within a range of topics that relate to your class. If...
  • Main Idea
    Helping your child with Main Idea
    Finding the Main Idea is a struggle for many elementary school age children. Children tend to think the main idea is a summary of a story. When you finish a story and ask for the main idea your child may retell the entire story down to what each...
  • The fighting continues
    Super Street Fighter IV Review
    Last year, Capcom brought one of it’s' blockbuster beasts back to the current scene with Street Fighter 4. The result was old and new players of Street Fighter finding their way back to loving 2d fighting all over again; some SF2 fans...
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