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  • Kelly Osbourne's blue hair
    How often should you color your hair?
    The strength and condition of the hair is the most important factor when deciding how often you should color your hair. Some people's hair can withstand several chemical processes in a short period of time, while other hair types are much more...
  • Tint
    Kelley Baker Tells All About Eyebrow Tinting
    Up until last week I had a pretty tainted view of brow tinting. All I associated it with was my college roommate who'd come home every two weeks with insanely dark eyebrows that left her looking super surprised for two weeks. But after...
  • Tim Sae Koo
    Interview with Tim Sae Koo, CEO of Tint
    Tint is a new service that allows you to aggregate content from Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and even RSS feeds, and then embed the result on your website or blog.Tim Sae Koo, the CEO of Tint, is here to tell us more...
  • An Aston Martin with custom-tinted windows
    Recognizing the importance of a product creates a demand for courses
    The growing importance of car window tinting in the areas of asset protection and safety is routinely stressed, even in sectors asspecialized as car clubs. One Columbus car club member, Rod Marquardt, says, "My Saab's interior would fade,...
  • Popsicle Mouth
    Should I try a lip stain?
    Lip and cheek tints are a little difficult. For this examiner, this is one of those products you want to love, because the idea of it is so very perfect, but end up feeling the end result is mediocre.Basically, if you’ve never used one, lip...
  • Beauty Secrets 101: Perfect Eyelashes
    Beauty secrets 101: perfect eyelashes
    It's true that women put a lot of pressure on themselves to look good, but whether you enjoy spending a great deal of time and attention on your appearance or wish you could just roll out of bed and spend the day in your PJ's, you have to...
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