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  • Autumn Lodge Candle Tin by Sassy Kandle Co
    Autumn Lodge Candle Travel Tin by Sassy Kandle Co
    I'm a huge fan of candles, so I have this huge stash in my house. However, there are some that have ended up on the not-going-to-use-unless-there's-a-power-outage pile, either because they don't smell great, the scent doesn't...
  • Gold from the Congo - A "Conflict Mineral"
    Governments and organizations try reducing the conflict in our gadgets
    The decades-old story of "conflict minerals" appeared on our radar screen again today. Our gadgets and devices have been constructed out of some very basic materials for years - many from war-torn regions and having other human rights...
  • Agave Heart and Field
    Bartenders circulate petition protesting proposed Mexican tequila regulations
    IN THE WAKE of Internet "blackouts" protesting SOPA and PIPA (anti-piracy legislation currently before the U.S. Congress), a smaller, but no less passionate regulatory protest has been circulating among the world's bartenders this...
  • Studio Adams: the art of family
    Studio Adams: the art of family
    Sue Adams recants a story of her young son Jesse, as any proud mother would do. He was only four at the time, when he handed her a picture of a little bunny, drawn in perfect detail.“That is such an amazing picture, Jesse,” she smiled....
  • Dorothy and Toto with their Statues
    Exploration of the book The Road to Oz, Part Three
    Faced with the problem of getting across the desert's life-destroying sands, Our Heroes seemed stumped. But the Shaggy Man remembered a friend of his. Uttering a rhyme while holding the Love Magnet, the Shaggy Man summoned the powerful and...
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