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  • Coming at you, straight ahead.
    For Opus, making music is anything but work
    Opus.That’s Latin for work, as in Magnum Opus.But playing music has been anything but work for this Milwaukee-based jazz band.The core group that is Opus got its start at UWM in the mid 70s when bassist Larry Tresp and Curt Hanrahan,...
  • Timeless will hit theaters soon
    Boundless Pictures gets 'Timeless' script from 'Zombie Diaries" scribe
    Fresh off announcing the financing of their diamond-hiest action film "Foolproof", and post Wesley Snipes' Gallowwalkers" Lionsgate domestic summer release, Boundless Pictures' co-founders and producing partners Courtney...
  • Carolina Herrera recreates the classic handbag from President wives past to today
    Carolina Herrera recreates the classic handbag President wives past to today
    The well known fashion iconCarolina Herrera introduces a fabulous handbag with embroidered accents, which is reminiscent of a vintage classic.She's known for her classic styles.The Presidents' wives in the past adored the looks she created...
  • Lovesque
    Be the beauty you wish to see with the latest styles from Lovesque
    Putting together a wardrobe of chic, timeless, comfortable pieces just got easier thanks to Lovesque. Created by self-taught fashion designer Christina Biamonte, Lovesque is a fashion line designed to empower women to feel confident and...
  • Fall classic for your wardrobe
    11 classic pieces your fall wardrobe needs
    11 Classic pieces your fall wardrobe needsTrends come and go but with these classic items in your fall wardrobe you’ll always be on point and in style for any occasion.1. White oxford shirt: As basic as it sounds, this classic piece can take...
  • Approaching photography from all angles
    Capture life's moments in a single shot
    Life goes by so quickly but for those who enjoy photography you have the chance to capture happiness in a single shot. Years from now the photos will trigger memories of when your children were young, a favorite vacation spot, a moment where you...
  • Rita Hayworth
    Rita Hayworth jewelry collection
    Rita Hayworth, born Margarita Carmen Casino, was an American dancer and film actress during the 1940’s. In 1944 she was named one of the top movie box office attractions in the world. Rita was a pin-up girl for military servicemen and a...
  • Gordan Freeman crossed into the world of Portal
    Can a video game be considered “timeless”?
    The word “timeless” seems to be thrown around a lot when concerning artistic mediums such as music, film, and of course, video games. But what does it mean to be truly timeless? Furthermore, is it even possible, with technology...
  • Julian Lennon
    The timeless photography of Julian Lennon
    It was halfway between Croatia and Slovenia that Julian Lennon had what he calls his "Zen moment." While on tour with his half brother, Sean, Lennon went to the front of the bus to have a cigarette. It was the middle of the night, and...
  • Scrooge & the Ghost of Christmas Present
    A Christmas Carol: A Timeless Message
    The holiday season is in full gear. Tonight is the first night of Chanukah, the Festival of lights, and in a few weeks, it will be Christmas. “Silver Bells” are playing in the streets as shops and boutiques pull out their holiday deals...
  • Photographer: Yenny Habijono
Model: Natalie Jean 
Makeup artist: Amber Butterworth
    How to create that 'classic' red lip
    In order to create that timeless red lip we have seen for decades and decades you should follow these three steps. The first step is to prime. You might be starting to realize how important it is to prime! Your face is your canvas, you must prep...
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