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  • Animals and Things closing down
    Woodbridge Animals and Things going out of business
    After selling over 88,000 puppies and kittens since its opening over 30 years ago, Woodbridge, NJ's Animals and Things pet store, located at 1040 U.S. Highway 1 North,is going out of business. The owners are retiring and the store closing date...
  • How can preppers simplify their lives?
    How can preppers simplify their lives?
    By preparing for disasters, preppers will make their lives somewhat more complicated. But they and their families also will be more likely to survive during future disasters.To avoid burnout and to keep from becoming hoarders, there are a number...
  • On the interconnectedness of all life
    On the interconnectedness of all life
    On this special day of winter solstice December 21, 2012, let us all come together to focus on breathing into the sacred love which interconnects us all through our hearts. At the auspicious time of 11:11 GMT, the sun dips to its lowest point on...
  • Spotlight on the River District's daas Gallery
    Spotlight on the River District's daas Gallery
    This is the first in a two-part profile of daas Gallery, an an avant-garde gallery that prides itself on bringing something new and slightly outside the box to the southwest Florida art scene.Facilities. Daas Gallery occupies a compact 1,200...
  • Snowy Mountains
    More Fun Things to do with Snow in Winter
    The leaves are changing color, and the air is getting crisp. This is a sure sign that winter is coming, and with winter comes the snow. The snow can be a menace to some people, and many people don’t like to go out in the snow, but the snow...
  • Fatherhood
    Dad's calendar for the weekend
    You all are lucky to live in Rhode Island, you know that right? If you missed "Movies on the Block" Thursday night at Grant's Block in Providence, not to worry. There are other great things going on all around townFriday, Saturday...