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  • Thieves Summer Tour Poster
    Catch Thieves on the East Coast
    Thieves, a pop punk band from Texas, are headlining the month-long With A Little Help From My Friends Tour. This tour will be making stops all along the East Coast, including one stop in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 13. Shorebreak, Closet...
  • Don’t touch what is not yours
    Don’t touch what is not yours
    As children grow, many parents teach them the concept to leave alone what is not theirs. This way they are taught not to steal; not to break anything or be the reason for another person to feel sad or miserable because something they love is gone...
  • For your safety: understanding computer terms for illegal activity, malware
    For your safety: understanding computer terms for illegal activity, malware
    The Federal Trade Commission says over 25 million Americans are victims of consumer fraud yearly. Furthermore, senior citizens who use computers are the primary targets by 56% to 80%! How do these cyber-thieves operate? If you have access to the...
  • gavel
    $7 million shoplifting: Father, mother and daughter arrested
    A $7 million shoplifting spree occurred over an entire 10-year period, and a Chicago suburban family is accused of the thefts. The shoplifting spree involved the theft of all kinds of products including jewelry, cosmetics, dolls and other toys....
  • Thieves thwarted my stick shift: Another caught stealing pajamas 2 days in a row
    Thieves thwarted by stick shift: Another caught stealing pajamas 2 days in a row
    Potential car thieves were stopped in their tracks because none of them knew how to drive a manual transmission. The attempted carjacking took place Tuesday night in Springfield, Ma., according to MassLive on Jan. 15.This follows a similarly odd...
  • The METAmorph Dress
    One Dress, 24 Looks: The METAmorph Dress from Thieves
    Toronto, Canada based , and environmentally conscious designer Sonja den Elzen, has designed a dress that allows users to morph their own style and personality available from Thieves (
  • Uglier-aka Java.jpg
    Who Stole My Cat?
    On Monday night around 1:00 AM three college students stole an 18-year old black cat from in front of a house on Utica Street in Brockport.At 12:54 AM, noise from the street woke me up and when I looked out the window I saw 3 college students on...
  • Hair Thieves in Venezuela
    Hair thieves in Venezuela terrorizing women, piranhas cutting off their hair
    A group of hair thieves are terrorizing women in Venezuela, cornering them and cutting off their hair according to a report out of CNN on Wednesday.The gangs of scissor-wielding hair thieves known as piranhas are attacking women in the coastal...
  • Thieves who stripped Jessica Barton’s Supra found along with all stolen parts
    Thieves who stripped Jessica Barton’s Supra found along with all stolen parts
    The case of Jessica Barton’s stolen and chopped up Toyota Supra has finally come to a bittersweet end.Just today, on the 18th of January, we learned from Jessica’s boyfriend Darin on Supraforums that with the help of a detective, they...
  • Laptops and tablets are lures for thieves
    Laptops and tablets are lures for thieves
    What has become among the most cherished items for many people these days, laptops and tablet computers, are hot items for thieves. They are thin and lightweight and therefore easy to grab on the run and hide quickly. Recognizing this problem...
  • Tide has been targeted by local thieves
    Thieves in the Cincinnati area making a clean getaway with Tide detergent
    Shoppers lookng to score some Tide detergent in the Cincinnati area may find themselves shocked on their next shopping trip. Shoplifters have found a new product to put on the black market—Tide; a product that comes in a bright orange bottle...
  • burglary
    Burglars/thieves breaking and cutting holes into houses to get inside homes
    It's a new trend we are seeing more frequently in news reports. It involves thieves breaking holes into houses to get inside. The reason is that they can avoid most home alarm system actthat way. It's also called "wall breaking"...
  • Thieves are stealing tailgates from  pickup trucks
    What thieves are stealing these days . . . You'll be surprised!
    Thieves don't care about the eighth of the Ten Commandments that says:"Thy shall not steal." (Exodus 20:15)People have always stolen things that did not belong to them. These days, thieves are stealing things you would not have...
  • Olive,  Midwest Boston Terrier alumni
    Dogs and the economy
    The economy impacts so many aspects of people's lives and dogs are being targeted for financial gain.For the first seven months of 2011, reports of stolen dogs rose 49%, according to the American Kennel Club. About 224 were snatched, compared...
  • Suspect Canada Goose
    Thieves targetting Canada Goose winterwear
    If you're wearing a Canada Goose coat in Laval, watch out for muggers who are suspected of targetting the popular down jackets.Laval police are looking for four men who they believe have committed a series of armed assaults connected to the...
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