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  • Motivational styles and bullying
    Motivational styles and bullying
    Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? What gets you up and moving? What are your motives? Motivation explains behavior and the reasons for the behavior. What makes one person a bully and another person a friend? The answer might have to...
  • 'Dexter'
    Finale theories: 'Dexter' didn't say 'Goodbye Miami' yet, will he get to at all?
    Addiction, compulsion, crutch. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) called his a "Dark Passenger." A cute nickname or not, it defined who he was as a man from the minute he acknowledged and accepted it, setting down a clear and distinct path...
  • Diablo 3
    There will be a Diablo III expansion
    Surely by now players have beaten Diablo III many times over and maxed out every character class. Well have no fear because last week Blizzard officially confirmed an expansion pack. As of now there are no details of what the expansion’s...
  • Literacy.
    Many polls have stated that we have declined in comparison to the educational standards of the world. One poll in particular stated that despite the push by the Department of Education regarding Mathematics and Science content, our national...
  •  Ciara Williams
    Image of surviving model from Atlanta hotel fall: new theories emerge
    The first images have surfaced of the model that survived the W Midtown Hotel fall in Atlanta Saturday morning. Ciara Williams is the model/ dancer that is incritical condition after the Saturday morning accident that claimed the life of her...
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