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97 cats euthanized at Texas shelter due to virus
The animal shelter in Denton, Texas, recently euthanized 87 kittens and 10 adult cats due to an outbreak of feline calicivirus, a highly contagious and hard-to-treat respiratory illness, according to the city’s police department, which oversees...
Ripe and ready: Peaches
It is the time of year for those succulent, juicy, golden treats! Peaches are ready to harvest from the end of spring until late August, but they peak at the end of July. To get the sweetest flavored peaches, you...
The potato boy of Waco, Texas
The potato boy of Waco, Texas.All around Waco, Texas, people are talking about The Potato Boy. He has been spotted dragging a potato on a leash, cradled in a cloth harness so that it glides along most surfaces. He...


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