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Grand Prairie Dogs Love Central Bark Dog Park

September 1, 2014
Central Bark is the City of Grand Prairie’s dog park which gives dogs the chance to exercise and play in a way they can’t in other city parks: off-leash and with other dogs. The three...

EPA wants to control streams and wetlands

August 27, 2014
Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Given the fact that America’s water and air quality has diminished to the point of threatening humanity’s existence, don’t you believe that the Environmental...

Weaponized Government takes aim at Perry

August 24, 2014
Texas Governor Rick Perry is the latest in a string of millions of Americans’ targeted by Government agencies.Yes millions have been and will be targeted by various government agencies. Targeting of citizens’ has been the practice...

Successful Model for Recovery and Healing in San Antonio

August 23, 2014
In Texas, practitioners and government staff working in the mental health system and law enforcement were seeing individuals and families repeatedly cycle through with substance abuse problems, mental health issues, and law enforcement involvement. Leon Evans, director of the community...